• I want to download video from ninemsn


    I want to download video from ninemsn

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    When I use Video DownloadHelper to download ninemsn video, I only get a small sized file. Actually, it is not the right video and I can’t open it in any player. So, which video downloader can complete ninemsn video downloading task?

    I want to download video from ninemsn

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    On ninemsn, you can view excellent videos from MSN and Nine entertainment cooperation. In order to download them off, you can use video grabber pro. The video downloader not only can download ninemsn video but also supports you to convert and edit ninemsn videos.

    In the first place, you should download and install video grabber pro. After launching the software, play the ninemsn video. In no time, the video will be detected by video grabber pro. While downloading, you are free to pause and resume video download. In this case, you don’t need to worry about the unexpected interruption during video downloading. The downloaded videos are MP4 format, you can play it with your media player like VLC, Realplayer or Windows media player. The easier way is, double click the video file in download list to open it with the inbuilt player. You see, it is really a simple method to download video from ninemsn.

    Tips: Assuming that you have an ideal network speed, you can try to download a bunch of ninemsn videos at the same time.

    It is known to us that MP4 is a friendly format to most digital devices, you can send ninemsn videos to iPhone, Zune, PSP and etc directly. However, chances are you may have the demand of converting MP4 to other formats like FLV, WMV, AVI, MOV or more. Then the good idea is to utilize the converting function of video grabber pro. On the interface, hit the third tab-Convert. Import the video, set the output folder and target video format. All right, start to convert ninemsn video.

    If anyone has a better solution to download ninemsn video, please share it in the reply.

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