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    I want to grab online videos in HD. Can I do that?

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    Hello, everyone. Lead by Vimeo and YouTube, many sites provide high definition videos in 720P or 1080P. I want to grab those HD videos for collection and burn them to DVD. But I have tried several video downloader, the videos downloaded by them are quite fuzzy. Now, I feel a little disappointed and wonder whether I can download online HD video off net.


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    Take it easy, online HD videos can be downloaded with the right tools.

    I guess that you haven’t used videograbber to download videos because this question can be settled by it easily. Now, please visit our homepage. Have you see a download box? Input the video URL into it and press “grab it” button. In a second, the video will be detected, then the download link will appear. If the video has various definition format, the download link will show like this.

    Select the 720p, “download” to save the HD video to your PC. It is assured that the downloaded videos can keep the original HD quality. Videograbber helps you to grab HD video from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and etc.

    For gaining more benefits, you can use videograbber pro, this tool is very popular between our videograbber users. The detailed information are listed here. /pro

    Different from videograbber, it doesn’t need any manually operation. While watching the HD videos, the tool will download them directly. The pro version makes up the drawbacks of videograbber, it has the capacity to grab videos from Hulu, CBS, Yahoo Screen and Netflix. I find your hope to burn HD videos to DVD, this task can be fulfilled after you follow this.

    Make your choice based on the condition.



    Thanks, I used videograbber, the result satisfied me a lot! The quality of downloaded video is great.

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