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    ILivid not working

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    Here is the problem, I’ve been using iLivid Download Manager for a long time, it worked nice at the beginning, but failed to work several days ago. When I paste the link, it says failed constantly. What’s wrong and how can I fix it? If this can’t be settled, I want to uninstall it along with those toolbars and add-ons which also seem to be a little bit tricky. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

    ILivid not working

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    iLivid is a free internet download manager, which can download audio and video of any formats at optimal speed from many popular hosting websites. It has a built-in player for users to watch media files downloaded using this tool. There’re problems like it sometimes fails to work.

    Possible causes and ways to solve it

    Generally, iLivid not working may be attributed to the reasons below and here are corresponding solutions:

    • It may be the poor network connection, check if your internet is connected properly.

    • It could also be that the video site you visit has lately updated with restriction on downloading the videos, in this case you need to uninstall iLivid and install the latest one.
    • It is also possible that the file you want to download is not from one of the top file hosts which offers downloading for iLivid Download Manager, they are Rapidshare.com, Megaupload.com, Hotfile.com, and Fileserve.com. In this case, you need turn to other iLivid alternatives.

    Apart from problems that iLivid not working now and then, it has other defects as follows:

    1. The program will lag your computer and even make it crash, and sometimes makes you cannot access to network.

    2. The software comes with many bundled software, toolbar, and plugins will be installed to your computer without your permission.

    3. The default homepage and search engine will be changed.

    4. The company claims that they need financial support by adverts, so you’re supposed to encounter many popup ads.

    If iLivid fails to work frequently, you’d better uninstall it according to the guide on the support center of its official website, the procedures are explained at length. If you need an alternative to iLivid, here it is.

    Alternative to iLivid Download Manager

    You need a clean software or tool to have a more comfortable experience, like Downloaderhelper, Real Downloader, KeepVid, and Video Download Capture. Here I use Video Download Capture as an example to give you a brief introduction. Because it is a friendly and pleasing program to use which is free of virus, ads and bundles.

    Video Download Capture is a comprehensive tool for downloading online streaming media, recording your screen, converting video formats and editing video files. Beyond the functions brought by iLivid, it can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Hulu and millions of other websites with different formats and qualities. Here are two methods to download online videos with it.

    Download when playing videos

    First, install the Video Download Capture and launch it.

    Second, open the webpage of your wanted video, and play it.

    Third, the software will detect the video you are playing no matter what browser you are using, and then it will add your video to the download list.

    Fourth, after downloading, right-click the file to check its save folder, or press “open folder” button at the lower right corner.

    Download via Advanced Video Detector

    Its thoughtful design of auto detect function makes the program stand out. Besides, it also supports RTMP video (video from Hulu, Netflix, PBS, CBS are RTMP videos) downloading with advanced software technology. Here is the way:

    • Click “advanced video detector”, the Quick Start Guide will pop up.
    • Paste the video URL into the address bar and click “go”.
    • Then the video would be added to the download list.

    The video is available to watch by the built-in player when download completes.

    View a more visualized guide at the following video demo.

    You can try other iLivid alternatives I mentioned above. Hope this helps.

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