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    Is it possible to extract audio from mp4 file

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    I download a music video from youtube and output as .mp4 file. now I am trying to extract audio from my downloaded video and save it as audio file. I would highly appreciate a little help here, Thank you.



    Audacity is surely the best, just record audio directly :D


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    In fact, there are many awesome tools to extract audio from mp4. That’s to say, you need import video to audition. Just learn how to do it below. Try now

    Convert mp4 to audio format

    First, one handy utility you need here is video grabber pro, no doubt, as soon as you download YouTube video as mp4, the best choice is to carry out formats conversion. After clicking Add, your video will be imported, audio formats like mp3, wma, ogg, aac, wav etc can be selected as output formats once you hit on Profile. No need to worry about the degradation of the audio quality during conversion. Compared with other apps, the tool is superior in guiding you how to do batch conversion, video downloads and do more video stuff. If wanna download tons of youtube music videos and convert to mp3, it could be a nice choice.

    Record audio from video

    Perhaps you may resort to another alternative – Audacity, which is a free and popular audio recording app for windows, linux and mac operating system. If you were experienced, it would be a simple thing to record audio directly from video. Vice versa, you should take time to make out how it works if you were a fresh hand. Honestly, a bit hard to operate this program.

    Using VLC media player

    VLC is more than a media player, it is also capable of converting video to mp3. After installing on your PC, go to MediaConvert. Import your videos for converting, then check File and click Browse, just note here: when you specify destination file, your filename is attached to “.ps” extension automatically. Click Profile to choose Audio – MP3 for converting. Okay, you’re done to extract audio from mp4 file.

    That’s it, I am hoping this could be any of help to you.



    I’d love your suggestions, great :)



    There are two options to extract audio from MP4:

    1. Extract audio from MP4 with some professional audio extractor like QuickTime.

    2. Convert MP4 video to audio formats like MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, etc with some converter like Freemake.

    Each has its own merits and demerits.

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