• Is there a downloadhelper for safari?


    Is there a downloadhelper for safari?

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    What is the best method to download videos in safari? Is there a tool which similar to downloadhelper for Firefox? The Firefox doesn’t run well on my Mac, especially when using it to download videos. I tried to find a video downloadhelper for safari without getting a good result. Video Grabber members, do you have any wise advice?

    Is there a downloadhelper for safari?

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    After Firefox released the Mac version for Video Downloadhelper, Mac users get an easy way to copy YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, BlipTv and more online streaming videos. However, safari is Mac’s default browser, it is highly compatible with the device. Firefox, as some users complained, it’s not an ideal browser for Mac, and they might give up using it. The problem arises at that time, Downloadhelper cannot be installed on safari, then how to save popular videos to Mac? No worries, every question will have a reasonable solution. Video Grabber is the reliable tool which can serve as downloadhelper for safari.

    In the first place, you should understand that Video Grabber is an online tool. So, there is no need to install and integrate it to safari browser. Type videograbber.net into the safari URL bar, and navigate to the site’s homepage. Simple instructions are listed, follow them to carry out the video downloads. In short, as long as you submit the video URL to server, the video will be detected. The rest thing is choose destination folder for storing the file. Nothing difficult, right? In some ways, this video downloadhelper for safari is versatile than Firefox extension. Apart from video downloading feature, it attached screen recording functions as well. This function comes in handy when you meet some protected videos. Just enjoy the convenience, Video Grabber won’t ask you to pay fees, registration or log in.

    Tips: Please enable Java to let this app operates seamlessly. Under Preference tab, hit Security option. Follow the below picture to do some settings.

    Currently, there is no downloadhelper safari extension. For your reference, I’m going to introduce another video downloader which called ClipConverter. It’s also a browser-based application, good at downloading and converting videos for MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV and other popular formats. Yet, it is not very stable and does not work with YouTube videos at times.

    For those users who have advanced requirements, I advise you to draw support from video downloader software like Video Download Capture, Jaksta streaming recorder, iskysoft downloader and etc.

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