• Is there a way to import avi into imovie?


    Is there a way to import avi into imovie?

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    I’m using iMovie 11. When I import avi video into iMovie for editing, it gives me no respond. Who can tell me what’s the problem. Thanks in advance.

    Is there a way to import avi into imovie?

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    AVI is not a standard format for iMovie. When importing avi into iMovie, you will probably come across following situations like it keeps loading but nothing shows up, only a still picture in editing region, video file greyed out. Indeed, it is a common question. To work it out, you should know what formats can be accepted by iMovie. In Apple support community, I found iMovie can load MP4, MOV and M4V videos.

    As far as I know, you can edit avi in iMovie in two ways. One is install a codec on your Mac, then iMovie will recognize encoded avi file. The other one is, convert avi to mp4 or mov so that iMovie can load it smoothly. Actually, I don’t know much about codec. Let’s focus on Mac video converter here.

    Videograbber pro is a video converter which has capacity of converting videos between various of popular formats. It works well on both Windows and Mac, you can try it. Just take a peep at the specific steps now.

    1. Run videograbber pro, click Convert tab.
    2. You can add avi videos into video converter. Select iMovie compatible formats MP4 as the target format.
    3. Start converting. Minutes later, you can check converted videos in local disk, the file extension will be mp4.
    4. Open iMovie, hit File—Import Movies to put videos into iMovie. Do any edits with ease.

    Done. Like this, you can also import MKV, FLV and WMV videos into iMovie successfully. Videograbber pro won’t lose the quality of video, you can use it pleasantly.

    For reference, I’m glad to share other avi to iMovie converter with you. Handbrake and ffmpegX converter are popular between Mac users, they are capable of conducting video conversion without difficulties.

    Is there a way to import avi into imovie?


    Thanks a lot, Olivia. I converted the video and imported it into iMovie fluently.
    Great job. :lol:

    Is there a way to import avi into imovie?


    Hello, now many AVI to iMovie Converter can help you, but you should notice that you need a program that can help convert video with high quality and supports all video formats.

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