• Is there an app to watch movies without wifi


    Is there an app to watch movies without wifi

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    I was ready to travel to the other side of the world –Tokyo, Japan. It would be a quite long journey, so I am going to bring Kindle Fire HD with me to kill the boring time on the airplane. Is there an app to watch movies without wifi during my flight?

    Is there an app to watch movies without wifi


    If you are talking about watching movies online without wifi, I think there is no such application that could do as you like. But you could download movies to a folder and save it to your Kindle Fire for watching. The following are the two possible ways to save movies to you tablet pc.

    Method 1: Purchase movies directly from Amazon

    There are a variety of movies available in Amazon. You could watch the instant videos online or download them and save them directly to your kindle Fire HD. But we should notice that you have to pay your wanted videos. The result is that it would be a big spending to capture videos from Amazon to kindle Fire HD. Though it is a way that enables me to watch movies without wifi, yet it would be my last choice to do with it.

    Method 2: Find a movie downloader to grab movies from video-viewing website

    You may be wondering where you could get the free movies. Here I would like to share with you some good movie-downloading websites.

    YouTube – If you are a fan of this website, it would be easy for you to find the movie column. One gratifying feature is that this website is approachable to various downloaders. But lots of movie lovers have complained about the uncompleted movie clips.

    The Internet Archive –It is a non-profit website that provides you with a large quantity of downloadable movies. You could download videos in various formats according to your own needs.

    Public Domain Flicks – It is movie website that provides with many classic movies with full length. You could download movies in different versions free.

    As to the movie downloaders, you could try the following ones: Video Grabber and Movie box.The above two methods are the ones I could think of with respect to how to watch movies without wifi. I hope they could help you a lot.

    Is there an app to watch movies without wifi

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    I would like to give my great thanks to you guys for sharing with us your problems and answers. It really makes a great sense. And there are only three points I want to add.

    First, Kindle Fire only supports the movies with MP4 format. So you should choose the movies in compatible formats with Kindle Fire HD. One-size-fits-all way is to find video converter that could convert videos to MP4.There are lots of application could be used as downloader and converter. Video Grabber, as referred, is one that could download and convert videos.

    Step 1: Find the movie you want to download and copy the video URL.

    Step2: Enter Video Grabber website and paste the URL in the URL bar. Then click on Grab.

    Step3: Run Java applet and Chose MP4 as the output format.

    Then you could save the video in your folder.

    Second, Just as Sonia has said that a lot of downloaders could capture videos from YouTube and make it possible for you to watch YouTube without wifi. However, as to the other two movie website mentioned, there is a more advanced downloader needed to grab the movies there. As far as I know, video Download Capture is a software that could download videos from almost every website. And it could also convert the videos to various formats, such as AVI, MKV, MP4, etc.

    Step 1: Run Video Download Capture and Play your wanted movie. The downloader can detect it its URL and download it automatically.

    Step 2: Right-click on the downloaded video and Choose Add to Convert.

    Step3: Choose Mp4 as the format in the Profile column and Click Start.

    Third, when you want to upload your movies to Kindle Fire HD, you should choose the Video folder. After you have done it successfully, you could watch them by tapping Apps and then taping Gallery. Otherwise, the movie could not be played.

    Is there an app to watch movies without wifi


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