• Is there any way to download movies from viewster


    Is there any way to download movies from viewster

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    I like to enjoy movies on viewster during my leisure time and I want to keep the episodes and films for offline watching. But it only supports to watch movies online. So how can I download viewster? Anyone who has a suggestion?

    Is there any way to download movies from viewster


    Hi Lester,

    At present viewster doesn’t support downloading movies, you can only watch movies from it online.

    Is there any way to download movies from viewster

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    viewster is a video site that provides various free videos for users to watch. It contains a catalog of TV shows, movies, celebrity News and Trailers & Scenes on its main page, thus you can find your interested videos easily. A registered member gives you extreme benefits of giving a mark for the video you have watched or making a comment for it.

    Although viewster enables people to enjoy videos online, it does not have an option for downloading videos. So if you are a fan of viewster and want to save the videos from it for watching offline, here I suggest you two viewster downloader to save the videos on your computer.

    Video Download Capture

    Video Download Capture is a multifunctional software, which allows you to download any videos playing on viewster with ease. With the built-in sniffer, the program will detect the video you play on browser and add it to download list automatically when you are watching it. Moreover, even if you’re streaming protected video clips which are not supported by most of the downloader application, the “Advanced Video Detector” will help you grab it completely. Here is a tutorial to use video download capture.

    Tutorial to download movies from viewster

    Just download and install video download capture, then find a movie on viewster.com to play. After that, the software will automatically detect it to the download box and start to download. When the video download process ends, you can right click and select “play” in the menu to watch the video with built-in media player.

    However, sometimes you may encounter some videos which are not readily to download even with “Video Detect”. Thus, you need to download them in another way. Hit “Advanced Video Detector” button, then a built-in video browser will suggest you to copy a viewster video url and paste it into the allocated area. Click “go” and wait a while for the program fetches the video resource and then adds it to download. On the whole, no matter the video from viewster is protected or not, you can download it easily with video download capture.

    Screen recorder

    Free online screen recorder is a professional screen recording application that enables you to record all movements on the screen. Before you start to record the videos from viewster, you had better adjust the settings. Click the small arrow beside the “Record” button, you’ll see the program offers you five recording modes including Region, Full screen, Around mouse, Web camera and Only audio. Here you can choose one according to your needs. After that, you still need to determine the input sound. Hit the small arrow beside the “Audio Input” button, four modes are provided for you containing None sound, System sound, Microphone, both System sound and Microphone. Among them, none mode means recording the screen without any sound. Select one based on your needs and then click “Record” button to download videos from viewster.

    When the record process ends, you can also convert the videos to other formats like mp4 that is playable on most portable devices. Right click the video and select “add to convert” option, you’ll be prompted to an interface for converting the videos. Choose your desired output format and then click “convert” button to save the video on your disk drive.

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