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    Looking for a way to download videos from viddy

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    Viddy.com posted a lot of videos that I like very much, so I want to keep them on my computer. Any program that can help me is Ok, just safe and useful. Thanks!



    I’m afraid there is no way to download viddy video, you’d better watch it online.


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    Since viddy is an app for iphone, you can’t directly download its video online. So you have to install a program on your computer first, and then download the video from viddy.com. The only problem is what program fits to you.

    After I recommend you the program, you will be surprised at the easy way to download videos from viddy. When you wanna download viddy videos, just do it. Video Grabber Pro will do you a favor, as it is a versatile program to batch download, convert and simple record videos.

    You just do as what I tell you in the following steps.

    1. Install and start the program
    2. Open the website and play the video
    3. Automatically detect the video URL and download
    4. Transfer the video to your iphone

    Check the video to learn more.

    As you see, the distinct advantage of this program is that it is capable of auto-detecting the video URL. Moreover, if the video format you download is against your iphone, you can convert its format. It provides a specialized converter for iphone,ipod,psp etc.

    Tips: If the program can’t grab your video URL, you can restart the program and reload the video so that it grabs it.

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