• My Internet download manager not working, what happened


    My Internet download manager not working, what happened

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    I feel so depressed, My Internet download manager stopped working again. I want to download a video with Chrome, but the download option doesn’t appear. Then I switch to Firefox. Bad luck, the video cannot be captured automatically. I have to copy the URL and paste it to IDM panel. I don’t know why so many troubles come out. Have you ever stumbled upon the same situation?

    My Internet download manager not working, what happened

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    Internet Download Manager is a powerful software which wins numerous awards. Software engineers, experts and users are thinking highly of it. The main feature of IDM is downloading media files like audio, video, document and the like from webpage. Most of the users have tried to download YouTube or other streaming videos using it, and got good result. On the other hand, some people have complaints, the most talked about points are listed below:

    1. Internet Download Manager not working, it happens that the Download This Video button misses.
    2. The IDM is unable to download video automatically, no windows pops up to let you save video clip to folder.
    3. The download speed is not that fast as its stated.
    4. It’s only free for a short period.

    Don’t be upset, some measures will save you from these difficulties.

    In this first place, make sure that you installed the newest Internet Download Manager. Then, why download option disappear accidently, probably the software doesn’t integrate well into the browser. At this time, you can fix IDM not working with ease. Open up the interface of program, hit Options – General- Use advanced browser integration, tick you used browsers. After that, launch the browser and confirm integration to enable IDM.

    The second question also can be solved by adjusting the settings. Go to Options – file types – Edit list, delete the target site in the list. You might make a test to see whether IDM could capture video from website directly.

    Operating speed is the focus point among all the problems with Internet Download Manager. In the advertisement of IDM, it announced itself as the fastest downloader. While, not everyone agree with this view. I’m not sure actually, just try some ways to speed up download speed. Press Downloads tab, turn off the speed limiter. Or, Options – Connections, increase the speed by rewriting the parameters. Besides, you can change settings of the FireWall.

    With regard to the last problem, as far as I know, Internet Download Manager stopped working after 30 days free trial. After a month, you should pay $29.95 to register the software. Don’t want to purchase it? For your information, you can download videos with free Video Grabber. It’s a web-based tool, so no compatibility or integration issues will arise. As long as you get the video URL, you can grab the video effortlessly. Except from downloading, it assists to convert videos to various of formats such as MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV and etc.

    Keepvid.com and clipconverter are also the replacements.
    I will be pleased if the suggestions satisfying you.

    My Internet download manager not working, what happened


    I tried what you said, but the download option still wouldn’t show up. Our computer was recently formatted, and before the IDM is working fine. Whenever I clicked the play button, the download file window would automatically show up. It wouldn’t now. Any other way?

    My Internet download manager not working, what happened

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    If you still no luck, please use Video Grabber as an alternative. You do not need to install plugins or any sign-ups.

    My Internet download manager not working, what happened


    i download the IDM the extension is already found in the chrome and in the program it self the chrome is identified but the bar of the download is not appear in all sites what should i do ?

    My Internet download manager not working, what happened


    my idm wasn’t working so i tried reinstalling. so i uninstalled it and when i tried to install it again it shows “idm cannot install due to packaging problem”. what should i do?

    My Internet download manager not working, what happened

    Call Me James

    My IDM not working ! i’ve try to download some games and videos but it can’t download it . the idm download bar not even move . please help me fix this problem

    My Internet download manager not working, what happened

    B. Cox

    My IDM has stopped working to, or to be exact it works up until the Download File Info box appears whereupon it just hangs there. The filesize just never appears and so the download won’t commence. Clicking “Start Download” or “Download Later” just crashes the box with the error “An error occured during download. Please try again later”. (Probably the single most annoying error message ever written!). Its so frustrating. When IDM does occasionally stop working, its a real problem. The site support is rubbish and one never knows which way to turn. I’m looking for alternatives.

      • Bob : My IDM has been working fine with no problems for a year or so but around 08/02/2017 I got the same problem as you where the download panel shows up like normal but the filesize doesn't and then when you try to start the download, you get an error saying "An error occurred while creating security connection". Anyone solved had this problem and solved it?
      • 2017-02-10 07:34 Reply
    My Internet download manager not working, what happened


    Free video grappber failed too
    I understand that you would like to be paid for that… eve if it is a bad thing, since you can have money from advertisements…
    So I am disliking this policy og “attiring” users, and the abandoning them after 30 days… tricky

    My Internet download manager not working, what happened


    Hi, My internet download manager doest not pop up after i click it. it only have the download button ontop of video but when i press it.the IDM window doest not appear.

      • jazilem14 : This. I had the same problem. I hope someone can help.
      • 2017-11-03 07:47 Reply
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