• Orbit Downloader not working


    Orbit Downloader not working

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    I have been a longtime user of Orbit Downloader until recently it is not working on Firefox to download YouTube Videos. Sometimes, I couldn’t even find Get It button. Please help!

    Orbit Downloader not working

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    Hi, my friend, as a fan of Orbit Downloader like you, I could understand your Orbit Downloader problem deeply.

    Orbit Downloader is a downloader manager for Microsoft Windows. One of its predominant features is its ability to download the videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Liveleak, etc. It works well with many popular browsers including Firefox and Chrome. It supports lots of streaming media protocols such as RMPT, MMS, and RTSP. When you hover your mouse over any downloadable music or video, Orbit Downloader can recognize it automatically and display a downloading button under it. Just with one click, you could download your desired music or videos with ease.

    However, despite its advantages mentioned, its shortages could never be ignored. A lot of people complain its occasional breaking down and slow speed. As to your problem referred, it happens frequently with lots of users.

    Possible reasons for its not working and ways to fix it

    If Orbit Downloader is not working on Firefox, follow the steps to enable Get It in Orbit Downloader:
    1, Right click the orbit button on the toolbar.
    2, Click on “Enable Get It button for catching media”.
    3, Refresh the website on Firefox.

    If nothing changes after you tried, you should check whether it is your wanted file where the problems lie. See if they are empty or corrupted. One thing worth noticing is whether you have simultaneously played too many videos which may disable Orbit Downloader.

    If not, there could be other reasons accountable for Orbit Downloader not working. You could try updating this application to the latest version. If still not , uninstall it and clear out its traces with running cleaner, and then do a clean install of the orbits latest version. After installation, make sure the options of browser monitoring, flash streaming etc. are checked.

    Alternatives to Orbit Downloader

    When all the methods fall short of your problem, it is suggestible you remove Orbit Downloader and try other add-ons or web-browser services such as Downloaderhelper, YouTube downloader or Video grabber. Video Grabber is the one I am using. It is a free online downloading application necessitates no installation. It supports downloading videos from many popular viewing website, such as YouTube, Metacafe, imovie, etc. Different from Orbit Downloader, Video Grabber enables you to download the videos in a separate website. All you have to do is to copy and paste the URL of your desired videos. There is no need to worry that you could not find the Get It button due to uncertain reasons. It is easy-to-use program which enables you to download at accelerated rate.

    Hope it could help you.

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