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    Please help! Keepvid not working for me.

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    I used keepvid to download videos from YouTube some days ago. But, it doesn’t work properly today. Nothing happens after I input the video URL and hit download button. What’s wrong with keepvid? How can I clear away the problem? :?


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    Keepvid is a famous site which enables users to free download online video on browser directly. It is not necessary to install third-party software or sign up, only enter video link address and save videos to your computer. Since Keepvid is so easy to use, it is loved by numerous of video fanatics. Yet, just like Maden, some people complained that they cannot use Keepvid at times. Where goes wrong indeed?

    Generally speaking, keepvid not working in three symptoms.

    Symptom 1: Keepvid gives no respond after clicking “Download”

    After you enter video URL on keepvid.com and hit “Download”, there is no respond.

    Symptom 2: Keepvid only saves up to 50% or so and stops downloading

    It is another frequently asked question about keepvid problems. Actually, the problem is related to websites’ limitation. For example, every once in a while, YouTube updates its way to stream videos. Thus, Keepvid cannot download videos successfully.

    Symptom 3: Keepvid not working with downloading some YouTube videos

    In addition, Keepvid doesn’t have the power to download 3D YouTube videos, 1080p HD videos, YouTube playlist and channels.

    Tricks to solve problems with keepvid

    In this part, I will explain you the way to fix the problems.

    1. The first problem is mainly caused by Java trouble.

    Please make sure that you have installed the Java on your computer, it is safe to download it from Java official site. If you already have Java, update the applet to the latest version. Then, you can go to Keepvid, download videos with URL. A reminder will pop up, asking for your permission to run Java. Tick run to enable Java on your browser.

    If security warning window appears, just accept the risk and run Java. Next, Keepvid will load the video and work smoothly.

    After enabling Java, it happens that Keepvid still fail in detecting videos. In this case, clean the cache in both browser and Java application. With regard to the detailed operations, you can refer to how to clear cache guide.

    Restart the browser and try Keepvid again.

    If there’s no reminder to ask you enable Java when using Keepvid, you should do some manually operations. I suggest you to follow the tutorial to enable Java in your web browser: How to enable Java in browsers

    2. In order to fix symptom two, you can try Keepvid alternative.

    Other websites like Savevid, VideoGrabber and Keeptube also can do the same thing as Keepvid. With Video Grabber, you can download online videos effectively in any browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, safari and IE. The site always improve the technology and guarantees you do video downloads fluently. Also, it can help to convert videos to all popular formats like MP4, MOV, AVI and etc. When Keepvid not working, Video Grabber can be a great video download helper.

    3. About the third puzzle, I recommend you to use Video Grabber pro.

    The program is capable of downloading any YouTube videos including 4K videos, 1080P high definition videos and vevo official videos. Moreover, you can download a whole playlist and channel in one click. Just put playlist or channel link address the URL bar, hit “Add to Download” to save all your desired videos.



    Thanks for offering a detailed answer for solving keepvid software problems.
    I am interested in Video Grabber pro, because i wish to save some 1080P YouTube videos.
    Could you tell me how to download HD videos with this program?


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    May, I’m glad to answer you questions here.
    To download 1080P videos from YouTube, please do this following steps:

    1. Install and run Video Grabber pro.
    2. Play 1080P video on YouTube.
    3. Enter video URL to program’s URL box, then a window pops up, choose preferred quality as 1080P.
    4. The video will be saved to your PC in original quality.

    You can hit “Open Folder”, find the video and enjoy it.

    Hope the info helps, good luck.


    kay phii

    am loving it

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