• Possible methods to fix aTube Catcher not working


    Possible methods to fix aTube Catcher not working

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    Yesterday, aTube Catcher stopped working suddenly when I convert a video. The program froze and I tried to exit and restart it for many times, but nothing changes. I have never met this trouble, although it operates slowly sometimes. I still cannot use it normally today, wish someone could offers me hacks to solve aTube Catcher not working problem. Thanks!

    Possible methods to fix aTube Catcher not working

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    Basically, aTube Catcher is a video downloading program which used to get streaming videos from Internet for offline playback. It also features a lot of other functions, letting you download online sound, convert videos for portable devices, burn videos to DVD and edit videos simply. No one will deny that aTube Catcher is a powerful software that can meet most of users’ needs. However, so many functions make aTube Catcher a rather complicated program, troubles occur at times. I have used it, unluckily, I came across aTube Catcher not working problem like you. Based on my personal experience, I’m willing to offer some knacks. I do hope that they can be beneficial.

    1. Install the latest version

    You should know that when the software stopped working suddenly, the first thing to do is checking the present version and see if you can update it. Using the latest version of aTube Catcher will ensure it works fluently to the largest extent. After updating the software, if it doesn’t works well as before. Try to uninstall it completely and then reinstall. Though this is a dull method, it can solve problem with aTube Catcher sometimes.

    2. Release computer memory

    Many users complained that aTube Catcher downloads and converts videos slowly. This question is led by several reasons. Firstly, when you install the software, added program will be installed on your computer simultaneously. These programs are useless, but they take large space on hard drive. Secondly, aTube Catcher uses a lot of computer memory while it works. In this case, aTube Catcher not downloading and freeze. Thirdly, there are too many garbage in your pc, it overloads when you use lots of software. In a word, you should free computer memory. There are some quick ways:

    • Delete the applications and files that you don’t use, clean the cookies in browsers.
    • Clean the downloads and other history tasks in aTube Catcher.
    • Clean the disk. Click start menu, enter the Accessories, and System Tools. Hit Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files.
    • Use free memory software.

    3. Draw support from aTube Catcher similar tool

    On the market, there are a large number of free and paid video downloaders, some can finish same jobs as aTube Catcher. When aTube Catcher not working, it’s not a bad idea to try them, perhaps you will find a more suitable tool. Freemake, VDownloader, Video Download Capture, Real downloader are my recommendations. And Video Download Capture is my favorite one because it is really super easy to use. It’s safe and stable, no adware and spyware embedded. The program empowers you to download streaming videos, sliverlight videos, live shows and any video with ease. It grabs video automatically once you open a video. Playing video, converting video, searching video, editing video are also supported. And you can use it on any browsers. Here’s a related video demo.

    Other feasible solutions are welcomed, leave a comment please.

    Possible methods to fix aTube Catcher not working


    audio box is empty – cather can’t find the audio output

      • VideoGrabber : Dear friend, In fact, you can use another program - Video Grabber Pro. It would meet your needs.
      • 2016-10-09 22:32 Reply
    Possible methods to fix aTube Catcher not working

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    After hrs of frustration trying to figure out how to get aTube Catcher to load my audio device I did a search and I stumbled on this site…I’m so glad !!
    Thank you for suggesting Video Grabber it’s way better than aTube Catcher – it’s worth the $6 I paid to try out the full version

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