• Problem to convert YouTube to QuickTime


    Problem to convert YouTube to QuickTime

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    How can i convert YouTube to QuickTime in quick ways? Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

    Problem to convert YouTube to QuickTime

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    YouTube has millions of users as it is the largest video sharing site in the world. We browse it: to seek for the videos that attract us, to collect some sort of information happened around us or to find the resources for our works. But for most Mac OX S users, play YouTube videos on QuickTime sometimes may annoys you as it supports a few formats, such as MOV, MP4. Since you want to play it on your QuickTime, you should convert YouTube to QuickTime. Figure out how by reading the following article.

    Four YouTube to QuickTime converter

    First one: Video Grabber features highlight convert function. You can convert YouTube to QuickTime free by using it online. Also, it is an all-in-one App, you can download videos through it. The operation is very simple, but please make sure you have install Java application on your computer. Java is the drive for this online App. Yet, Video Grabber works well on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

    Simply you copy the video URL and paste it in the download box to download it. Remember to select the format you want. If there are MP4, MOV format, download it without hesitation. If not, use the convert function.

    Click “Convert video” to skip to the convert page. Click “Browse” to select video file you want to convert. Just click the “plus” button if you want to convert more video. Select the output format you want. If you want to adjust the video, check the advanced settings below. Click “Convert” to convert video.

    Second one: Clipconverter is a free YouTube to QuickTime converter online. It combines convert and download functions together.

    The operation of Clipconverter is as follows: Paste the URL at the URL box and press continue. And then the video you want to download will show up. You can choose the format you want to download, but the format options are less than Video Grabber. Since we want to convert videos, we don’t press the “download” button. Thus, we move to the next step, select the output format you want convert. Click “start” to download and convert video.

    Comparing with Video Grabber, Clipconverter cannot obtain convert in a separated way. Also, the convert function is not as powerful as Video Grabber.

    Third one: Like its name, Online Converter is another online converter which can achieve converts YouTube to QuickTime free. Just find the video converter box to select the target formats. There are multiple choices for you, find the suitable for QuickTime. The next step is to find the video file by clicking the “choose file” button or just paste the location of the file into the box. It has optional settings to let you justified the video. After all these steps, click “convert file” to covert YouTube to QuickTime.

    To this YouTube to QuickTime converter, conversion is very convenient and easy to operate, but it does not feature download function. So you have to download videos by using other applications. And switching between Apps may waste your time.

    Forth one: If your Internet network connection is awful, using online converter may cause you some inconvenience. Apowersoft video downloader for Mac will solve your problems. It is a professional video downloader which has converter function. Unlike YouTube to QuickTime converter online, the operation of video downloader for mac is more intuitive. You can select output profile like QuickTime, QuickTime 1080p. So you simply need to download the video you like, add them into the convert box. Select the profile and output folder, and then click “convert”.

    Tips: Before convert your videos through online converter, please check the version of your QuickTime, low version QuickTime supports less formats than the latest one. So update your QuickTime to the newest one to have better use experience on watching videos on your Mac.

    Problem to convert YouTube to QuickTime


    As for video converter, there are many free programs, you can search on google, I always use, this program can keep the video quality and just takes several minutes, you can have a try.

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