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    Question about rtmp videos?

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    I found that more and more sites protected their videos from downloading. Then I search the net, some people talk about sites like hulu, yahoo are streamed videos by rtmp. And rtmp videos are difficult to download. Here I want to know what is rtmp, how to grab this kind of videos? :|


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    RTMP – Real Time Messaging Protocol
    RTMP enables multidirectional communication from Flash Player to Flash Media Server. This protocol allows the client to control the stream delivery quality and security. RTMP has different modes that include two real-time encryption modes: SSL (RTMPS) and RTMPE. It also allows multiway interactive applications to send data back and forth. Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is an insecure, one-way protocol. With RTSP, alternate solutions and workflows are needed to protect your content (such as DRM). In addition, multidirectional communication is not possible with RTSP.



    I simply regard RTMP as a media transportation protocol.
    I’m care about what are good rtmp recorders.



    VDC is able to record RTMP video.
    Check this help tips about how to download RTMP video


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    Truly, rtmp is a multimedia protocol which used to stream audio, video between the server and the player. It has several variations like: RTMPS, RTMPE, RTMPT. Compared with tradition protocols, it can encrypt video resources. For this reason, rtmp videos are hard to download off. We are not pro in this field, so we only need to know how to download rtmp videos. Some rtmp video downloaders are list here.

    1. Video Download Capture. This is the app which Mark introduced, I think he is the regular users of this tool. It is not only an rtmp video downloader, but also can record live video streams and convert online videos.
    2. StreamTransport. Our users have given a brief introduction for it. You can refer to that post. /forums/topic/download-any-online-videos-with-streamtransport.html I also tried it, you can’t download many videos simultaneously because it will stop to work.
    3. RtmpDump. In videohelp forum, I saw some members vote for this tool. But it seems not easy to handle.

    To get these apps, you can search in Google or Cnet download section. Welcome anyone add more information in the comments.

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