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    Samsung NX1 4K H.265 to Sony Movie Studio

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    Efficient way of converting H.265 to MPG to make it suitable for Sony Movie Studio.

    Among all available H.265 video converters in the market, not all video converting tools can hold the new H.265 codec videos well. Fortunately, the famous Pavtube Studio has claimed that their upgraded version has claimed the Pavtube HD Video Converter(version can support the H.265 codec well. Let’s get more details on how to work it well:

    Step 1. Load your Samsung NX1 H.265 recordings.

    Launch the H.265 Video Converter and open the main interface, normally, we can click the ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’ to add the source recordings. Of course we can also drag the files in this program. Batch conversion is also available.

    Step 2.Choose suitable output for Sony Movie Studio

    Then we are going to come to the top important step, select the best output one for Sony Movie Studio. Tap the ‘Format’ bar on left of the preview window, drop down the output list, nearly on the bottom of the list, we suggest to find the ‘Adobe Premiere Pro/Sony Vegas’>>’MPEG-2 (*,mpg)’ as the best. Also, MOV and WMV you can have a try.

    Step 3. Optional function for advanced users

    Still Pavtube studio keeps the ‘Settings’ item down for those who wanna more adjustments on their output videos. To adjust the video codec, video size, bitrates or frame rate or some audio channels, why not take around of this function?

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