• Savevid not working, can I fix it?


    Savevid not working, can I fix it?

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    Hello, everyone. Do you know savevid.com? I found that lots of people use this website to download videos. However, it can’t help me with video download. How to use it? Can you offer me some knacks?

    Savevid not working, can I fix it?


    Now, my problem is savevid not working on Mac. Perhaps I have to buy a desktop software.

    Savevid not working, can I fix it?

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    Sorry for replying so late, I did some studies in order to provide you the suitable solutions. After searching in google, I realize that people meet different troubles when trying to download videos with savevid. The site uses Java applet to detect video URL and conduct download jobs, so savevid not working problem usually related to Java.

    Now, I’ll describe the right way to use savevid. While you carry out the steps, the troubles may come out.

    Step 1: Copy the video link address, input it to assigned bar and then start to download.

    Problem: There is no respond when you press download button.
    Solution: This situation always leads to savevid not working on Mac. Install or update the Java to the latest version. Make settings in the Safari browser. Enter Preferences, click Security tab and choose Enable Java item. Please notice the method can be applied to activate Java in any Mac systems like Snow Leopard, OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

    Wanna enable Java in other browsers? Learn from this guide.

    Step 2: The website will ask you to run Java, allow the requirement immediately.

    Problem: The site needs your permission to run Java again and again, it even says you don’t have Java on computer. Many people think this is one of the biggest problems with savevid.
    Solution: Generally speaking, the trouble appears after you download or update the Java extension. The best bet is to clear Java cache.

    Find Java in Control Panel and open it. Enter General> Temporary Internet Files settings> Delete Files. That’s done.

    Step 3: Select format and output folder for downloading.

    Problem: You get error message from savevid when downloading videos.
    Solution: The way of streaming Internet videos is changing all the time. If the online downloader doesn’t update their technology frequently, it may fail in saving videos. In this case, you are suggested to utilize savevid similar sites.

    Like savevid.com, Video Grabber supports to download videos with URL. It’s simple and free to use. The site adopts the most advanced technology and lets you grab all the favorite videos and episodes off net. Even much better, the web app is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

    Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have better idea to fix savevid not working problem.

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