• Searching for the method to download video from WSJ

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    Searching for the method to download video from WSJ

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    Can I download Wall Street Journal video? Although I’ve tired many ways, no one works well. I just want to download some WSJ videos for personal use. Help me, thanks.

    Searching for the method to download video from WSJ

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    Wall Street Journal is a nice site to gain the latest economic news. Also, you can get to know the information from other fields like technology, culture, entertainment, real estate and more. On wsj.com, you can view news videos and live videos at ease. For saving them to your computer, you can use video grabber pro.

    With a few clicks, the program will download WSJ video off net. What comes first is to run video grabber pro, click the Options icon to set the destination folder. Next, go to Wall Street Journal official website and enter the video section. Play any video at your will, and then the program will add the playing video to download list. You may notice that video grabber pro will name the video by figures. If you download multiple videos at the same time, it is easy to get confused about the content of video. So I suggest you to rename the video while downloading. No troubles, just right-click on video file name, choose Rename item in the pop-up menu. Then, you are allowed to name the video as you like.

    Next, I’ll share another way to download videos from WSJ. Compared to the above mentioned way, it may be a little complicated. Actually, it will support you to download live streams from online.wsj.com. It is not possible to find the right URL of live videos, and you should save this kind of videos by recording. Activate screen recorder of video grabber pro, tick With audio option. Then, we come to the most crucial step. That is, customize the record region according to your need. All right, start to record WSJ video immediately.

    Have a try, I wish you can download Wall Street Journal videos smoothly.

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