• Is there a free service similar to SavefFrom?


    Is there a free service similar to SavefFrom?

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    SaveFrom is an online download application, which can be applied to download videos from YouTube, Vemio etc. well, this tool is not too bad, but I want a more powerful service which can download video clips with more formats offered, if the app can convert the video, that’s too nice. Any suggestion would be shared? Thank you in advance.

    Is there a free service similar to SavefFrom?

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    SaveFrom.net is a free online application where people can download videos from sites loke YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. Only when you have the URL of the video clip you want can you grab it from this site. That’s very simple. And I believe users must have other similar sites or tools to do the same job, some may be even better, for example, to convert a video online, to extract the MP3 from a music video . Well, this page will summarize some SaveFrom alternatives to help you enjoy a better service.

    What’s the limitation while using SaveFrom?

    SaveFrom.net is indeed a good service while downloading from those popular video sharing sites. This web-based app is easy-operated, and be clear with any plug-in. But it is not so perfect, there’re several drawbacks listed.

    • Only few sites are supported by SaveFrom.
    • Download video only in MP4 format.
    • It may take quite long to download a video.

    Obviously, a simple service of video download cannot fulfill the needs. If you want to apply the video on other devices, you need a tool comes up with extreme function for playing the video on multiple devices. If you just want to keep the audio from the clip,also it does let you. There’s another online app which can solve such problems.

    Best alternative to SaveFrom

    Video Grabber is also a free application which offers a better service to process video downloading. It allows users to grab video and audio online, as well as to convert video and record screen online. The same way as other online download service, video grabber would grab the video with its URL resource. There are main distinguished features listed:

    • Download from more sites.
    • Multiple formats and quality to choose from.
    • Extract MP3 from a music video .
    • Download video clips with high efficiency and speed.
    • Convert your local video freely.
    • It is possible to record a short screen.

    A live demo here gives you a visible guidance:

    This similar site like saveFrom provides more comprehensive download service of clip grab. If you have no luck with saveFrom, then just opt to Video Grabber, it won’t let you down.

    The laptop version of Video Grabber

    Another alternative program to saveFrom would be the upgraded version of video grabber. Video Download Capture is professional tool of video download and video clips process.

    Compare with saveFrom and video grabber, it has outstanding features.

    • Fast and conveniently, the program has a friendly user interface.
    • A sniff detector can capture streaming videos automatically.
    • It is possible to trim your video clip or add subtitle to your video.

    This program is very welcomed among video lovers, but you’d better become a premium user, if you want to enjoy a longer time service.

    More saveFrom similar sites and tools


    KeepVip would be the most similar site to saveFrom. The site allows you to download video clips from various video sharing sites only with a video URL. This online service keeps updating the list of supported sites. If you can’t download a video by saveFrom, you may get it here. But as a good alternative to saveFrom, KeepVid also holds the same drawbacks.


    Vixy is an ever welcomed site to download YouTube videos. It has a laptop program which has the functions of YouTube video download, screen record and video convert. Vixy is totally a YouTube downloader. But, some extremely shortcomings always be complained.

    First, disgusting pop-up information and ads are annoying.
    Second, a very few video formats being supported.
    Third, less user-friendly interface would make you confused.


    DownloadHelper is an often used plug-in on Firefox. This tool can be used as saveFrom alternative to download video sometimes. When a video is viewed on Firefox, the icon of this tool will show whether this streaming video is possible to be downloaded. Clicking the shinning icon, you can save the video clip to your disk directly. As I known, the YouTube likes video site is available here. But this tool just works on Firefox.

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