• HBO – a great TV series watching site


    HBO – a great TV series watching site

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    I find a great TV show website, HBO, which I want to share with all of you here. It is a good platform providing high quality TV shows, boxing videos, comedies and movies. This integrated watching program is a great option whenever you want to amuse yourself.

    HBO – a great TV series watching site


    I have watched some TV series from this site and I want to download HBO GO shows in order to keep them permanently. As the TV shows are always retreated from the shelves after months releasing, I want to save them so as to watch whenever I want.

    HBO – a great TV series watching site

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    Thanks for sharing the website to all of us and I’d like to introduce HBO first and then answer problem from Allen.

    What is HBO?

    HBO is an American premium cable network, which offers contents such as TV series, boxing shows, comedies, movies and documentaries to its audiences. The amount of subscriber in US has reached as high as 41 million. While outside US, it extends its services to more than 50 countries and gains millions of subscribers. Nowadays, HBO has broadened its TV series from true Blood, Game of Thrones, Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, Sex and the City, The Sopranos to many others. Many people can select a favorite series from this site.

    After a brief review of HBO, how to make HBO download to your PC so as to watch the TV shows or movies offline? It’s very easy to solve that Windows and Mac users can employ the following separate methods.

    Method one: Video Download Capture

    This is a professional software specialized in downloading area. It helps to download either free trailers or encrypted videos from HBO through two different approaches. You can employ relevant method to download separate type of videos according to the following guides.

    Approach one: auto detector

    To download free trailers from HBO, you can use the auto-detector of this tool. It is very convenient that the application supports to download videos automatically. You can download and install first to experience how to download HBO GO.

    • Run the software and don’t disable the auto-detector, which is activated by default.
    • Choose a favorite video and play it.
    • The detector will capture and add the video to download list automatically.
    • Wait a while and downloading speed depends on the length of video.
    • During the process of downloading, you can also play the video by making use of the built-in player.

    Approach two: Screen recorder

    When you use the detector, you may find some videos unable to download off directly. That’s because the videos are encrypted or protected. There are no solutions to download HBO GO shows which are forbidden to download from the website as they need to monetize from audiences. If you are still keeping the desire to download the video, then recording screen is a suggested method.

    You can turn to another function of Video Download Capture, “Record Screen”. This function is customer-oriented that you can record the screen with or without audio, customize the aspect ratio and record audio only. When recording audio, you can save favorite music and then save it into many audio formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and FLAC. Let’s have a look operational guide step by step as following.

    • Turn to the second tab of “Record Screen” after open the software.
    • Select “Record Screen” and then choose available options to customize the upcoming video.
    • Start to record after customization.
    • Press hotkeys to sop or pause recording.

    Method two: Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac

    If you are a Mac user, you need a program totally compatible with your computer to download HBO. This tool is your best option which runs seamlessly on Mac. The process is very simple you just need one step after download and install it.

    • Run the program first.
    • Copy video URL and then click “Paste URL”.
    • The detector captures the video file and then adds it to download list automatically.
    • You can play it during the process of downloading, if you like.

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