• Solutions to download c-span videos?


    Solutions to download c-span videos?

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    I can’t download videos from c-span library. Others told me c-span videos are encrypted, is it possible to download them off. Waiting for your replies.

    Solutions to download c-span videos?


    Perhaps you can try RealPlayer SP, put your mouse on video and hit download button.

    Solutions to download c-span videos?

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    C-span is an American cable television network. On the official site, you can see American political process and other public affairs. These days, the hot issue is president campaign, and you can find a lot of videos on its special page. If you want to download videos from c-span, a third-party program is needed. Since c-span videos are encrypted by rtmp protocol, and common programs are fail to download them off. You can draw support from rtmp video downloader, video grabber pro.

    Please do the following steps:

    1. Launch video grabber pro after installation.
    2. Visit c-span.org, enter the video library, choose a video to play.
    3. Click button to open the built-in browser, copy video url and put it into address bar, press Enter key to load the video.
    4. The video will begins to download automatically.

    Note: If the video can’t load in built-in browser and add to download smoothly. Clean the IE cache or fresh the webpage to detect the video again.

    The program not only can download c-span videos and other rtmp videos, it also does a great job in downloading youtube, vimeo, break, facebook videos. The method is simpler, without any manually operations, the video download starts as soon as the video playing.

    On c-span.org, you also can watch live programs from three channels. With video grabber pro, you can record live video while watching it. Tab Record Screen to make some settings, choose audio source as system sound. You can specify the record region as custom area or full screen according to your need. Don’t forget to enable the hotkeys under the Options button. Everything is ready, start to record instantly.

    If you want to download c-span live radio, I’ll recommend you streaming audio recorder.

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