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    Start to share and enjoy hottest videos on flixya.com

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    A lot of people regard flixya as a community which they can write blogs and communicate with others. But it is different from other pure blog sites. The site designed specialized parts for different contents. If you want to share wonderful pictures and videos with others, you needn’t to insert them to your article and post it as a blog. You can simply upload a video, write some description and share them. Click Videos tab, you can explore videos in all kinds of categories. All videos on flixya are uploaded by members, it is an open platform. I love it.




    Most videos on this site are come from youtube, so I think videograbber can download videos from flixya. When I paste video url into download area, videograbber gave me no respond. Why?


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    Miller, thanks for sharing this cool site with our users and members.
    Okay, Yuki, it’s time to answer your question on downloading flixya video. Of course, videograbber is able to grab youtube video 100% successfully. However, you couldn’t bring flixya webpage url to videograbber directly. If you use this method to download flixya video, videograbber will tell you this site is not supported currently. The reason is, the url which you provided is not the actual one. The right approach is, play the video and right-click on the playing window. A small menu will show up, you should choose Copy video URL and paste it to download region. In this case, videograbber can detect real video source and download it for you.

    An alternative method to download videos from flixya is using videograbber pro. With the help of this tool, it is not necessary to take any copying and pasting steps. While you open a flixya video, it will download it instantly. A part of flixya videos are from other places, videograbber may be have difficulties in downloading them. Try the pro version, it can download any online videos.

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