• Stream live videos for free


    Stream live videos for free

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    Hi friends,

    I am here recommending a free online video service for you, which is blogtv.com. This is the place where you can listen to live broadcasts, chat with your friends, create your page, stream live video and make friends online.

    Stream live videos for free


    Much thanks for recommendations, I do love this great online video service. Fantastic. :lol:

    Stream live videos for free


    For me, the catch is its chat system, which allows me to interact with friends over the internet. I can even watch live content on my mobile devices. Under music category, I found so many users create their live music concert, i just wanna join in it and then record live streaming video. Any ideas?

    Stream live videos for free

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    Hello friends, welcome to join in our forum. On blogtv.com, it would be a great way to describe your talents and express ideas. That’s right, you are able to browse others’ live broadcast and participate in discussion. Better than that, users also have the ability to create personal live webpage and chat with audiences over the world.

    You have just mentioned that you would like to record live stream from other people’s broadcast page. I am just telling that things will be readily solved with a screen-recording tool. Video Download Capture offers this feature. You can manipulate it as follows:

    1. Download and launch the program
    2. Before recording live video stream, you’d better do some settings under Options tab
    3. Based on your requirement, customize system sound and microphone as input audio settings
    4. Select region for recording

    Okay, you are done. Surely, there are dozens of other apps to achieve this such as Camstudio, Fraps, screen recording suite, VLC media player and more.

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