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    Tell you how to better use VideoGrabber Pro

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    I bought VideoGrabber Pro weeks ago, it works like a magic. Then I did some studies to use it better. Give a little explanation now.

    Generally speaking, VideoGrabber Pro is workable no matter what browser you use. While, to keep it more stable, I suggest you use IE.

    If you only have Firefox or other browser, please do some settings.
    1.Click “tools” tab and choose “options”.
    2.Click “advanced” icon on the right side, switch to “network” tab and click “setting” button.
    3.Tick “use system proxy settings”, click “OK”.

    OK, done! Like this, VideoGrabber Pro will be more compatible with your browser and PC, detect and grab videos more efficiently.

    Perhaps you found VideoGrabber Pro changed your proxy server box. Don’t worry, it won’t be harmful to your PC. The program registers itself as the System Proxy for Microsoft Windows Internet Services to record network requests and responses. In this way, the videos can be discovered faster.

    Hope this helpful.



    Really helpful, thanks. :lol:

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