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    Text problem when download video from Lynda.com

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    Based on user’s feedback, while using video grabber to download video from Lynda.com, the final videos would be saved as “.txt” format so that you cannot play the downloaded videos normally. It’s totally different from you download youtube videos or anything else. just like screenshots below:

    You see, when you right-click and choose save target as, instead of video format, the Lynda will specify “.txt” as your return format. So we can say Lynda.com is a lonely example. Quite a few people thereby mistake that they cannot download Lynda videos.

    Actually, video grabber is capable of downloading videos from Lynda.com. Four solutions will be at your fingertips.

    Solution one: Click Download button Directly

    In order to avoid downloading text format, just left click Download button instead of save link as , then the proper video format will pop up (MP4).

    Solution two: Change filename extension

    Still a part of users, especially for people who use Google Chrome browser, like to save target link as to your file while downloading Lynda.com, then you will get text format. No worries, rename your downloaded text file as new mp4 file. If you cannot see the filename extension, open Folder Options on windows system, click View and unchecked Hide extensions for known file types. Then you will finally see it.

    Solutions three: Change a new browser

    Generally speaking, this situation does not happen in other more intelligent browser such as Firefox browser. No matter for Download or save target as, everything goes well.

    Solution four: Use video grabber pro

    This tool make sure you download Lynda videos without any troubles, it also assist you batch downloading, converting, simple editing, screen recording etc.



    Great, I changed the filename extension and get the real video files. Thanks!



    This isn’t working for me. I’m on a mac, not sure if it matters. When I hit the “download” button, it just opens up a new tab with the videograbber homepage. When I right click, the only option I get is to download an html file, which is just the image of the download button.

    Any ideas?



    I’ve also tried with Chrome, Safari and Firefox, all three are doing the same exact thing.



    Find solution from here:
    Solution to Download video from Lynda



    I’ve tried everything on the link you posted. I’ve tried every web browser I have, have cleared my cache, have looked for the different URL from the source code, have tried right clicking the d/l button, have tried clicking the download button directly, everything.

    How can I get a refund? Unless I can figure out how to d/l these videos, which you advertise on your site that you can, I would like to get a refund for my purchase.

    Thank you


    Threads : 1
    Replies : 129


    You can send your feedback to support@videograbber.net, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. BTW, would you mind giving some screenshots while you fail to download from lynda. Perhaps you did not operate correctly as instructed. Whatever the reasons, our technical staff will reply soon. Sorry for any inconveniences it may cause.

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