• The method to grab Vimeo video free


    The method to grab Vimeo video free

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    My favorite video-sharing website is vimeo.com. I love the smooth and high quality videos on it. So, I’ve been thought about grab vimeo videos to watch them on my iPhone for a long time. Recently, I found this Google Chrome extension—Vimeo Video Downloader. Using it, I can grab vimeo video free now, share it with all of you.

    Firstly, search Vimeo Video Downloader in the chrome web store and add it to the browser. You will see a blue icon beside the address bar after installing.
    Secondly, play the video which you want to download on vimeo.com.
    Thirdly, click the blue icon. A small box will pop-up, choose the quality of video to download. It appears like this.

    Forth, the video will play in a new tab. Right-click on the video and click Save to grab it to PC.

    To here, the Vimeo video has already been saved in PC. Then, just need to use VLC player to convert video for iPhone. That’s done! Hope you will like my method.

    The method to grab Vimeo video free


    I took your advice and install this extension on Google chrome. All things went well until I click the download option. A new tab appears and gives me this reminder.

    Why does this happen? Er, perhaps I need an alternative way to grab Vimeo video.

    The method to grab Vimeo video free

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    Thanks for sharing this method to grab Vimeo video free in the forum. Truly, it is very simple and quick. However, Britty cannot download Vimeo videos with it successfully. In my view, vimeo might block this extension, so it can’t be used to grab videos on it anymore. Watch here, Britty. Try to do this thing. Have you log in the site before grabbing the video. How about get into your accountant and try again. If it still doesn’t help, just have the aid of videograbber. Instead of installing any extension, the web download service is a smarter way to grab Vimeo videos. The point is, you can grab videos in any browser free.

    You play any video on vimeo.com and copy the video URL. Paste it to download area on videograbber.net, and then hit Grab it button. After that, the video will be downloaded off. It is convenient, right?

    Additionally, although VLC is a powerful media player, I don’t think everyone had it on PC. You can use it to convert videos for iPhone, but the operations are a little troublesome. In this case, I recommend videograbber pro. Add to iTunes function assists you to convert and sync videos to iTunes library in one procedure. The rest thing is connect your iPhone to PC and update the resources. Mikki, may be you can give it a try.

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