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    Tubidy video downloader

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    I come across some good songs on Tubidy, but I don’t know how to download them. Do you know any software can do the job? :?:


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    Tubidy is a wonderful site for music enthusiasts. With its search engine, users can get access to the world of music, including millions of albums and music videos online. It also has a mobile version which allows you to search music and Tubidy videos on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry. However, after finding the music videos they want, many users have no idea how to download them. So I try to make it by using several online apps only to find that they don’t work. Then I turn to software, and finally I find following Tubidy free video downloaders can do job.

    Solution one: Video Downlaod Capture for Windows

    Video Downlaod Capture is a powerful video downloader with advanced technology──detecting online video automatically. To be more detailed, once a video is played, it can be detected and added to download list. But if it is RTMP video, it can’t be detected automatically. In such case, we need to make use of the Advanced Video Detector which is specially designed for downloading RTMP videos.

    Most music videos searched by Tubidy come from YouTube, they can be easily detected. Following are download steps.
    1. Launch this software.
    2. Search the music video you like. You can enter key words in search bar or choose from “Top Videos” listed on the website.

    3. Click the target video and play it. Once you play the video, it will be detected shortly.
    4. Set output format. After different format options show up, choose one and click “OK”. Then video will be downloaded immediately.

    If the video cannot be detected, you should do as follows to download Tubidy videos:
    1. Copy video’s link.
    2. Tap on “Advanced Video Detector” and paste the link into address bar after a window pops up. Then click “Go”. A moment later, the video will appear within the page. You should play it.
    3. Choose the output format. After the video begins to play, a new window will direct you to select an output format among varied options. Then this video will be downloaded immediately.

    Solution two: Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac

    If your computer is Mac operating system, you should use this program as Tubidy video downloader which is specially designed for Mac. Download steps are quite easy. After finding the video you want to save in your computer, copy its URL. Then launch this downloader, and click “Paste URL” in the main interface.


    • If you are unable to download videos by Video Downlaod Capture because of some unknown reasons, you can capture the video using its Screen Recorder function.
    • If you want to the two downloaders mentioned above carry on the job of Tubidy mp4 videos download to make the videos compatible with most mobile devices, you should select MP4 when choosing output format.
    • In you Android mobile phone, you can use Tubidy MP3 to download music.



    I know several sites similar to Tubidy, like sing365, Last.fm. But I also didn’t find any “download” button. So every time I just enjoy music online, cannot play them on my phone. Can you recommend some downloaders for me, too?


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    Yes, sing365, Last.fm are also good sites. I have tried the methods recommended in my last replay, and they turn to be effective. So, now you are able to enjoy your favorite music offline. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to tell us. :)

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