• unable to grab lynda.com


    unable to grab lynda.com

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    I am a registered user of video grabber and of lynda.com. Up until a few days ago I was able to login to Lynda.com start a lesson and video grabber would automatically download the lessons until I stopped.
    Suddenly it has stopped and I suspect that lynda has done something to prevent downloads.
    Now, even though I have logged in to my lynda account, I am required to log in again in videograbber and just get an identical download for all lessons advising me to become a member.
    I am able to watch the videos online. Lynda course: CSS: Styling Navigation – with James Williamson
    Any observations please.

    I notice that this appears to be a recurring problem.

    unable to grab lynda.com

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    Sorry for any trouble that it might bring, could you please give me your lynda account so that I can log in successfully. Please rest assured, I will set your account into privacy. Simply test it whether it can download lynda course successfully.

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