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    Unique video community, videosift.com

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    Videosift members decide whether a video can be kept on the site by voting up and down. It’s a good way to remove meaningless and boring content. When I get free time, I’ll vote for good videos while watching them.

    Here’s the address, http://videosift.com/

    Unique video community, videosift.com


    It’s very interesting, but I have two puzzles after browsing the whole site.
    1. I have a few of self-made videos, what should I do if I want to publish them on videosift.
    2. I think some videos in cooking channel are useful, can I save them to computer?

    Unique video community, videosift.com


    Hey, Nelson. If you want to share your videos on videosift, you should upload them to youtube, dailymotion, videojug or some large video-sharing sites. Videosift only accepts videos which are submitted from external sites, you cannot upload your videos on videosift directly. You can log in with facebook account and submit video address. Then, your videos will appear on unsifted page, other members will vote or comment for it.
    I have no answer to your second question, it haven’t been mentioned in site’s FAQ. :?:

    Unique video community, videosift.com

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    Although videosift doesn’t provide video downloading service currently, you are able to download video from videosift with third party program, video grabber pro. Here are the how-to tips.

    Firstly, run video grabber pro and enable the video recorder.
    Note: When you use the program for the first time, it is better to customize output folder under the Options tab.
    Secondly, enter cooking channel to play your favorite video. The video will be auto-detected and downloaded by video grabber pro. It is convenient for you to carry out batch video download, just open several videos at the same time.

    Minutes later, you can find downloaded videos on your local disk, and the format of videos will be flv. If you want to download videosift video as mp4, avi, wmv etc, the convert function of video grabber pro is ready for you.

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