• How to upload YouTube videos from iMovie?


    How to upload YouTube videos from iMovie?

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    Hey, friends. I am using Mac computer. Now, I would like to recommend you great video editor iMovie produced by Apple. This tool help me lot when I want to edit my film recorded by my iPhone. While, I want to share them with my friends on YouTube, is there any know how to upload the iMovie video to YouTube ? Thank you in advance.

    How to upload YouTube videos from iMovie?

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    iMovie is a video edit tool produced by Apple company, which allow Mac users to edit personal video clips easily at home. For its simplicity of operation, this software is welcomed among users. It helps people to cut the film recorded by video camera and cellphone. For those video clips, many people would like to share them to social network sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Taking YouTube as an example, this page would offer you the normal ways to upload YouTube videos with iMovie.

    When a video has been edited with iMovie, you have two methods to upload it to your YouTube account. The first method is to save the video to your local disk and upload it later; the second method is to upload it directly from iMovie. Next would give details step by step.

    Method 1: Save the iMovie video first

    • Make sure that the video is the one you want to upload and then click “share” option.
    • Select “QuickTime” in share menu, and compress the video to your desktop. Before upload the video to YouTube, you have to make sure that it is less than 100 megabytes; otherwise it would be rejected by YouTube.
    • Launch your YouTube account and click the upload button.
    • Select the video file which has already been saved, here you can choose whether the video will be public or not.
    • While the video is being uploaded, you should give a title, description tag and other related information to it.
    • The video would be uploaded to YouTube soon.

    This method to upload iMovie video to YouTube, simply, is mainly to save the iMovie video to desktop, and then upload it to YouTube. I should say it’s quite complicated, well, let’s have a look on the method two.

    Method 2: Upload the video directly on iMovie

    • Hit “share” and select “YouTube”, there would be a pop-up window.
    • On the window, you should enter your YouTube account and password accordingly.
    • What more contents you need to key in the boxes are the info of the video you want to upload.
    • Select your publish file size and click next.
    • Click publish button, the video would be uploaded to your YouTube account.

    This method to upload YouTube video using iMovie can easily upload your edited video clips to your YouTube account, which you don’t have to save your video and upload it from YouTube site.

    If you are a new Mac user, or you have little knowledge about the iMovie, then you may want to get more about editing your video with it. Here, the page would give you a brief introduce.

    How to edit video with iMovie

    1.First, you should download and install the software; the latest version is iMovie 10.0.6.
    2.Click file and select import to add you raw video material.

    3.Select “New Project” in “File” menu, and create a new event.

    4.Now the main interface was divided into three block areas. They are project window, preview window and raw material area.
    5.The simplest way to start your new project is to drag the portion you want from raw material into the project window.
    6.You can also add a title or music to the video.
    7.Now, you can do as method 1 to save the video to your disk.

    iMovie is such a hand side tool for Mac users to edit a movie or video clip. And it is very convenient to upload iMovie video to YouTube. But as mentioned, if you directly upload on iMovie, you will not save the video to your disk. Well, I would recommend you a free online service to download video or MP3 files from YouTube, which is absolutely free from any plug-ins and malware.

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