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    Urgent! Any alternative to RealPlayer?

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    I used to download videos with RealPlayer, but few days ago it didn’t work. I have tried many times and still fail to download videos. I wonder what’s wrong with the program, or had I better find an alternative to RealPlayer? Is there someone has a good idea?



    The suggestion I’d like to give you is finding a better alternative to RealPlayer. There is no more than one good video downloader, like Orbit Downloader, YouTube Downloader and Video Grabber Pro etc. Personally, I prefer Video Grabber Pro.


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    Thank you for your support, Nico. It is a smart decision for you to choose Video Grabber Pro instead of RealPlayer. In order to make a better comparison between two of them, I’d to give you the differences in details.

    1. Video download
    RealPlayer can download videos if your system is windows or OS X, while Video Grabber Pro is applied for all the systems. With Video Grabber Pro, you can download videos as you like.

    2. Plug-ins
    RealPlayer has plenty of plug-ins, although you don’t have to install them all, it’s easy for some users to install them by mistake. On the contrary, Video Grabber Pro has no plug-ins or add-ons.

    For these, we can’t just deny the utility of RealPlayer. It enables you to convert various video formats and supports you to play different format video. What makes you delighted is that Video Grabber Pro has these features, too.

    In addition, Video Grabber Pro makes you download and convert videos in batch mode, which saves you a lot of time and omits troubles. It automatically detects the video URL and download it on the condition that you run it before playing the video.

    If your RealPlayer no longer worked, why not try its substitutes? Maybe you will be surprised.



    You can use savevid or keepvid or videograbber, but i think the best solution for downloading videos is with “torch” browser.. It’s a browser that has a built-in video grabber, very easy to use…



    i am just curious whether i can find a alternative to RealPlayer on mac, it works smoothly on my windows PC, but now i got a mac, realplayer not working yet.


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    It’s noted that video grabber pro is apt for both windows and mac system, you are able to use this app to replace realplayer on mac, no need to find another replacement. One thing needs to mention is that video grabber can act as mac video downloader, for some popular video streaming sites like YouTube, Google video, Vimeo etc, you don’t have to install a software program, the web application will easily grab online videos on mac by copying and pasting with url address. Now take a look at this demo for reference.

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