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    VG will not work on any of my 3 browsers…

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    Was so hoping this was my answer to simply grab some YouTube vids.
    Apparently not.
    Have an XP machine and VideoGrabber will not run on Chrome, IE or Firefox.
    Is there another browser left that i should try???
    Stalls out at “Request 40%”
    I have never seen the VideoGrabber “Applet” pop up anywhere along the way.
    Gosh it would be nice sometimes if things just worked as they claim they did.

    Am very disappointed…nobody’s fault but my own for taking bad advice from well meaning peeps.


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    Hello, Video Grabber is able to download videos from YouTube and other sites smoothly, no matter which web browser that you are using.
    The similar question has already been answered in the forum, you can find the solutions in this post.

    Download videos with Video Grabber successfully

    Good luck! :)

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