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    Video downloaded,, i want to use in movie maker for windows

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    I have downloaded my video.
    The file is in a folder.
    I tried to import to Windows movie maker.
    It does not accept.
    I tried to play with
    Windows media player.
    It does not accept this and now that is the default program.
    I do not know what to do to make the movie play without going through Video capture download program.
    I need to import the video to make a movie in Windows movie maker which allows me to edit and cut the boring parts out.


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    Hello JP need help,

    I am not sure what went wrong with your video, if windows movie maker and windows media player do not accept your video, the problem mainly lies in its video compatibility. That is to say, you need to convert your video into the supported video format, the fully compatible format is mp4 or wmv. Here I will introduce Video Download Capture for video conversion.

    • Download and launch Video Download Capture.
    • Click on “Convert” tab and import your video by clicking “Add”.
    • Customize “WMV” or “MP4” as output format and specify the destination folder.
    • The last step is to start conversion.

    You have just mentioned that you need to cut the boring parts out, actually, Video Download Capture features simple video editor. The very first step is to hit on “Video Edit”. After directing you to the edit part, you need to select “Trim”. As soon as you set the start and the end time, you are done to trim your wanted part.

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