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    What’s the best video downloader for all video sites

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    I like downloading videos from different sources, not only for some popular video sites like YouTube, vimeo, Dailymotion, but for some unknown sites. So my question is, is there a video downloader site that works for all video sites. I just wanna one for all-in-one downloading. Thanks!


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    Hi man!

    I will relate to your words. Just like what you say, it can be hard to find an all-in-one video downloader for all video sites. Quite a few plugins or apps claim to download 100% videos, but actually, it just works for a part of sites. We know that there are many great videos from different sources, so it would be a pleasant thing to gather all these videos on your local disks.

    For example, firefox downloadhelper seems workable for YouTube while other video downloader cannot cover all streaming video sites. Even video grabber is working for a few video sites. If no suitable program is available, just check the software program yourself.Yes, we are about to introduce video grabber pro. I dare say that you are capable of downloading streaming videos from 100% video sites. The knacks will be divided into four parts:

    Part one: copy and paste

    You have a 7-day free trial for this app, the fastest way here is entering the url for downloading. When you find the real video address, just put it into address bar, the video will be added in the download list. It can carry out batch video downloads.

    Part two: Enable video recorder

    An alternative is to use video recorder. After enabling it, the video will be automatically downloaded while it’s being played.

    Part three: Activate Advanced Video Recorder

    Still a part of video sites cannot be downloaded by the above two ways like hulu, crunchyroll, abc, cbs etc, video grabber pro specially serves Advanced video recorder to download rtmp videos. As long as you type the video link into built-in browser, the video can also be downloaded. But warning here: you’d better to do some settings to exclude commercial ads or unwanted video file type.

    Part four: Record video by screen capture function
    Moreover, for some sites that adopts technology to encrypt the video content, the Record Screen function will be regarded as a last resort. It can record any screen activity as video files including live video stream.

    I am sure this software will work pretty well on your PC, you can download any videos if you try :)



    Haha, thanx!



    To save online videos, I’ve used sreen recording program for a long time.
    I can record the video while watching it online. That’s easier.



    Of course, screen recorder is not bad. At least it can record any videos that play on the PC screen. The disadvantage is, you should stay on the webpage until the video finish to play. And from my experience, it doesn’t support you to record several videos at the same time. However, the video downloader is able to download videos although you leave the webpage. A good one can do batch downloading. I want to save time, so I prefer to use video downloader. It seems that the program introduced in this post is quite workable. I used videograbber and willing to give the pro version a try.



    Jackie, the most easiest and fastest way to download video from any Tube websites. We do love it:)


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    i remember the nes, lol. some of the games can be difficult, i admit, but to say they wont play them because of that? that seems ridiculous to me



    i want to download all videos from different websites



    Try XDM (Xtreme download manager). I looked for ages before I found this. It’s an honest “I’m free” down loader, and has all the good features of the annoying add riddled, packed with bloatware /crapware, or function restricted until you pay ones, but works better. Easy to use and great at intercepting streaming vid with a simple click or two. I’ve left advice on a few sites now saying pretty much this, simply because its excellent, and free.


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    I suggest you to try using Apowersoft Video downloader for downloading all kinds of video and it is compatible with all browser.

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