• Video Downloadhelper not working, unable to download videos


    Video Downloadhelper not working, unable to download videos

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    After I updated the Firefox browser to the latest version, the Video Downloadhelper stopped working. It fails in downloading videos from web. Why? Anyone can kindly give me some useful suggestions?

    Video Downloadhelper not working, unable to download videos

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    Video Downloadhelper is one of the most talked about tool to save videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more sites, especially for Firefox users. Is it quite simple to use the extension. When Downloadhelper discover the videos, the icon will light up and rotate. You only need to click the icon and download video to target folder. However, the things may not be so smoothly at times. In Mozilla’s FAQ region, I usually see users post Downloadhelper not working questions. Based on some studies and self-experiences, I conclude three workarounds to remove the obstacle.

    First solution: Install Video Downloadhelper again

    Firefox often release the new version and prompts you to update the browser. This is a good thing, but might lead to incompatibility issue between the browser and Downloadhelper addon. In fact, the addon will be updated automatically when you get the latest version of Firefox. It is somewhat weird, but new Video Downloadhelper stopped working always occurs. It is said you can solve this problem by re-installing the addon to the old version.

    Find the old versions here.

    In turn, Video Downloadhelper not working if you use a too old version.

    To avoid the trouble, you can disable the auto-update function for addon. Then, you can choose to update Downloadhelper by yourself. Follow the steps:

    1. On the beginning page, choose Addons.
    2. Enter the addon manager center, turn off the Update addons automatically option.

    Don’t forget to restart your browser after re-installing the addon.

    Second solution: Convert video to other formats to your liking

    When some people talk about Downloadhelper not working, they refer to that it doesn’t help with downloading MP4 videos. I’d like to remind you, you shouldn’t put all the blame on the addon. Due to the different way of streaming and transferring videos, not all the websites offer the MP4 video source. Downloadhelper just able to download available resource, so you can convert videos after video download completed.

    We are know that the addon attached convert feature, you only need to hit Download&Convert in the dropdown list, select MP4 format. And the video file will be saved as MP4 in your computer.

    Third solution: Get another Firefox video downloader

    If you are tired of making these settings, why not try other downloader for Firefox? It’s a feasible knack to solve Downloadhelper not working with YouTube, Vimeo, Collegehumor and etc. You can get away from the compatibility trouble by using a browser-based app-Video Grabber, Savevid, Keepvid, Keeptube and the like. Open your Firefox, enter the URL in the address bar, then navigate to the site. You paste the video link address to the assigned area and download online videos.

    Compare to other Firefox video downloader, Video Grabber has a longer video sites support list. It comes with additional functions like video conversion and screen recording. In this case, it is easy to download videos to any format you desire. Record live videos is also an achievable thing.

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