• video grabber not working


    video grabber not working

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    I was just using video grabber and it downloaded a video from youtube. I tried to download another video and it doesn’t do anything. I tried resetting the browser (firefox). I didn’t do anything different. Yes, I am a subscriber, so i know I should be able to download without a limit.

    Any help would be great!

    video grabber not working

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    Our friend, we feel so sorry for the troubles brought to you due to some unexpected changes. YouTube has changed the rules for the downloaders. Lots of downloading application could not download vevo videos for a certain period of time. Fortunately, our technicians have instantly found the problem and fix it yesterday. Try refreshing your webpage and repeat your downloading task. If still not working, you could clear your web browser cache and your Java cache. If you are wondering how, enter the following two websites. It should be working.

    How do I clear my web browser cache?

    How do I clear the Java cache?

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