• Video site sharing—babelgum.com


    Video site sharing—babelgum.com

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    I downloaded Babelgum app on my iPhone firstly, and then found it has an online platform. The animated cartoons on babelgum are fantastic, they are short and meaningful. You also can find comedy, film and music videos on the site. Do you know it?


    Video site sharing—babelgum.com


    Yes, I know it, I’m a fan of babelgum.
    Audrey, have you ever tried to download videos off the site, I cannot find the right way.

    Video site sharing—babelgum.com

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    Babelgum is a popular mobile app which has been installed on thousands of iPhone and iPad. The app really offers a quick way to watch babelgum videos. But if you can’t connect WI-FI, the mobile charges will be very high after playing some online videos. Thus, the economic way is to download babelgum videos off net and then transfer them to cell phones. To complete this job, the first part is saving babelgum video to computer.

    Step 1: Install video grabber pro, a powerful babelgum video downloader.
    Step 2: Go to babelgum.com, play any video as you like.
    Step 3: Run the software, open its Advanced Video Recorder.
    Step 4: Enter babelgum URL to address bar and hit Go icon.
    Step 5: Video grabber pro will auto-detect video and begin to download it.

    After you download video from babelgum, you can easily convert videos for iPhone with the help of Add to iTunes function. Activate it under the Tools tab. Add babelgum videos and start converting. The videos will be converted to iPhone friendly format and updated in iTunes library. Okay, you can send videos to iPhone immediately.

    Video grabber pro also can be served as an online video converter and screen recorder. If you want to know more about it, just check other posts in our forum. You are welcomed to submit question when meeting any troubles in video downloading and conversion. :)

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