• Videograbber only worked once

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    Videograbber only worked once

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    Hi all

    I’ve used video grabber in the past, put in the url on the webpage and downloaded a few videos.

    Today I was trying to get it to work, and first of all it wanted to upgrade my Java. Ok, did that. Then it worked, yay!

    But it only worked once, the next time I tried to use it it prompts me to either download Desktop Video Downloader and Converter, OR VideoGrabber.net Premium Account. The Desktop Downloader only lasts for 3 days and then you must subscribe.

    It wasn’t like this last time, it worked for several videos no problem, so I’m wondering why now?

    Videograbber only worked once

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    Lisa, sorry about that.

    Since so many people use VideoGrabber.net to download online videos, our website’s server has a huge burden. In order to assure that users can process video downloads smoothly, we allow one person to download one video in a certain time (usually is 1 hour).

    So, if you want to download more videos, please be patient and wait for some time. Or you can purchase our Premium Account, just $4.99/month. With Video Grabber premium account, you can download videos without limitation, no ads, no pop up, and we will support more video sites for you. Your video download will be processed with the highest priority in our queue.

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