• Vidreel— fantastic site to upload and watch videos


    Vidreel— fantastic site to upload and watch videos

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    Vidreel really provides the useful video file hosting service. I have stored too many videos on my computer and it works slower. You know, it is costly to buy a mobile hard disk. Luckily, I discovered vidreel.com, I can upload videos to it without limitation. Therefore, it is so convenient to save my videos online. Watching videos which uploaded by other users is another pleasant thing. But I haven’t found a way to download vidreel videos, perhaps the only way to save these videos is using screen recording application.

    Vidreel— fantastic site to upload and watch videos


    Thanks for sharing, I visit this site. It offers me free video uploading service, that’s great. But it only accept avi and flv videos now, I hope the website makes more progresses. Talya, you can watch videos on vidreel? Where’s the entrance? I can’t find it yet.

    Vidreel— fantastic site to upload and watch videos

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    Welcome to post and share your favorite site here. I see that you have got several questions about Vidreel, let me remove your puzzles one by one.

    Firstly, how to watch videos on Vidreel. When you open the homepage of vidreel.com, please notice the watch now button on the top. You will be lead to the video section after clicking it. There, you can find videos which cover all categories. However, before you watch vidreel videos, you should install a small plug-in. The reminder will show up when you play the video, download it and then you can enjoy vidreel videos.

    Secondly, how to upload any video to Vidreel. Truly, the site only allows you to upload avi and flv now. If you have videos which in other format at hand, you can upload them to Vidreel after doing some preparations. The quickest way is to use a video converter to assist you converting videos to avi and flv format.

    Secondly, how to download videos from Vidreel. I think it is the biggest question to you, actually, it is not that difficult. A good video downloading tool can download any online videos easily. In order to save your effort, it is better to install an all-in-one downloader on PC. Then, you can convert videos for uploading on vidreel and download vidreel videos at the same time. From my experience, the most suitable one is videograbber pro. I think vidreel uses rtmp protocol to encode its videos, so you should use an rtmp video recorder. Open videograbber pro, click Advanced Video Recorder icon, the built-in browser will appear. Enter the video url into download box and click Go, the video will be loaded in the browser. In one moment, the downloader can detect the video and download it instantly.

    Hope the above information can help you. Have fun.

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