• Watch animes online free!

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    Watch animes online free!

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    I love watching animes, really a great way to relax myself. My favorite ones are one piece and naruto. Want to share some good site to catch up the latest animes.

    1. Animefreak.tv
    2. Goodanime.net. You can get the newest animes, but some are not subtitles. :roll:
    3. Churchyroll.com. Also has cartoons from other countries.
    4. Veevr.com.
    5. Animegiant.com.

    If you are a anime fan, these places won’t let you down!

    Watch animes online free!


    Thanks for sharing, i’d like to tell these sites to my friends.
    BTW, do you know the method of saving animes to pc.
    It is too expensive to buy disks.
    Since I can find my animes on these sites, I want to download them off for collection.

    Watch animes online free!

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    Linda. With the help of videograbber and videograbber pro, you can download online animes smoothly. However, in order to download videos from certain sites, you need some skills. Many users have the similar question with you, you can search the forum to find the answer. Besides, this post is a very practical tutorial, I think it can be your guide.
    Click here to view tutorial
    If you still have any puzzles, leave a comment or PM me directly.

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