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    Watch emerging viral videos on PopScreen

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    Popscreen.com is a good place to watch the hottest viral videos, and I’m a frequent visitor of it. The website scoops videos from multiple platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. While you watch a video, you can save it to bookmark list by Pop it. PopScreen claims it is the first prediction engine in the world, it’s superb! :D



    Thanks a lot. Popular videos are gathered in PopCharts. But my network speed is rather slow, is it possible to download popscreen videos off Internet?


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    Nice recommendation.

    With regard to download popscreen video, you can try video grabber. And you should learn a small trick before conducting popscreen video download job. Different from downloading most online videos, you will fail in downloading popscreen video by inputting video link address into download region directly. In order to obtain the real video url and download video successfully, the right way is:

    1. Open any video on popscreen.
    2. Right-click on video playing window, choose Copy video url in the menu.
    3. Paste video url to download box, hit Grab it.
    4. Download video in suitable format.

    If you can’t understand my words clearly, please watch this video demo.

    This method works with most popscreen videos. What’s more, Video Download Capture also can support you to download popscreen video. The software is good at detecting and downloading videos automatically.



    Hi, you can also watch videos on BuzzFeed, Alltop and more sites. And YouTube, Break, Yahoo and Bing have exclusive category for viral videos. I often watch them and discuss with my friends, it can be the popular topic all the time.

    I want to know which program can download viral videos, not limit to a certain site, but for downloading any viral video on the Internet.


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    Lots of video fans love watching viral videos because they can get fun from these creations. A large part of viral videos are short videoclips which filled with humorous elements, funny ideas or parodies of current hottest issues. With the tool which I mentioned earlier, you are able to download most of online viral videos. But sometimes, Video Grabber will tell you download link not found. Then you can utilize Video Grabber pro, the upgraded version of this online tool.

    Say it specifically, the software has the capability to download viral videos in three mode.

    1. Enable video detector, they it will add playing video to download list, you don’t need to do any manual job.
    2. Input video URL to address box, click Add to download and begin video download.
    3. For saving encrypted videos, open Advanced Video Detector, follow the guides to download them off.

    Okay, I wanna list some popular viral video sites at last. Viral Video Charts, Popurls, MSN A list, Flickr, Reddit, YouTube trend, Yahoo screen viral video and etc.

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