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    Where can i watch sporting event of London Olympic games

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    I am not living in london, but wanna watch splendid Olympic events in my country especially the full video of London Olympic opening ceremony and my favorite games. I cannot access BBC iPlayer, can anyone else tell me where can i watch London Olympic games, you may share video or link directly at your conveniences.



    If you cannot access bbc iplayer, you may refer to the link below, here you may have a nice experience.




    Hello, i got the same troubles, but i just wanna watch the full video of London Olympic opeing ceremony not just video clips, will you tell me where watch this and how can i download the video on my PC? Thax :lol:


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    Hello Georgine and Hallody,

    All the questions you asked will be answered one by one. Hope you will get quick solutions. Georgine, according to what you say, you cannot watch BBC iPlayer cuz you live outside of London. I am here to tell you that it wouldn’t be a problem to prevent you from watching Olympics games on BBC iPlayer, for example, if you live in US, you may change your IP address and use British proxy, here’s how-to guide.

    In order to get around this problem, my suggestions is googling free http proxy so that you can change your IP address to Britain. You may try this website hidemyass.com that offers pro VPN services and free web proxy. Providing that you wanna be fee, the free web proxy can make you appear in London, but it won’t secure your traffic. In this way, you need to cost a little to buy pro VPN, but it’s up to you. Okay, now your IP address is different.

    After connecting your British proxy, now you can watch BBC iPlayer, live sports events or past programmes will be available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport

    Just watch live sports or review the full video of London Olympics opening ceremony. You may switch to HD mode to get a better viewing effect. Since you are able to watch games, then next I will give my answer about how to download London Olympics games. Briefly speaking, that’s about how to download videos from BBC iPlayer?

    Download from BBC iPlayer with video grabber pro

    Video grabber pro is a handy tool to download any videos you like. For live TV programs or radio programmes on BBC iPlayer, the recommend usage is Record Screen. Once click it, two things you shouldn’t miss, one is to choosing recording modes like Custom area, Full screen, Around mouse while the other is to specify audio input device like Microphone, System sound or Both. Start recording now.

    For episodes on BBC iPlayer, you need turn to Advanced Video Recorder for help, paste your url at built-in browser, the video will be auto-downloaded once clicking Go. Just as screenshot displayed, download bbc videos in bulk can be feasible. If you like to combine several video parts into one, just check Merge box in Convert tab.

    Welcome to share your ideas here, good luck for you.



    Hey, if you wanna download the videos, you can use this think called torch..it’s actually a browser that has an add-on for downloading videos.
    That way you can use whatever links you got here, and save them on your comp.

    Hope I helped..



    Hello. There are several ways to watch Olympic Games online. One way is the NBC channel but you need a cable subscription. Other way is the official Olympic YouTube channel but unfortunately you can’t watch the games live. If you don’t like any of those ways you can watch the games live on BBC iPlayer which is free for all people inside UK. If you live outside of the UK like me, you can follow my tutorial to bypass BBC’s geo-restriction.

    1) Go to http://www.unotelly.com and copy the DNS address in the top of the page.

    2) Go to control panel.

    3) Click “View network status and tasks”.

    4) Click “Change adapter settings”.

    5) For a wireless connection Click on “Wireless Connection”, right click, and choose “Properties”. For wired connection click on “Local Area Connection”, right click, and choose “Properties”.

    6) Choose “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)”, and click on “Properties”.

    7) Click on “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the DNS address you found in step one.

    8) Follow http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/2012/live-video and enjoy the Olympic Games in BBC iPlayer!

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