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    Reliable websites to watch TV for free

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    Sometimes you are tied up with important events and miss the wonderful TV episodes, news and programs. Or you don’t have a TV set right beside you. Stay away from virus and extra plugin installation, I recommend you 10 websites for watching TV online.

    1.Tv show7.A complete TV programs provider online, most of videos are hot episodes like Gossip girl, CSI, Glee, Lost.
    2. Surf the channel. By searching the site, you can get tons of streaming TV, free movies and popular talk shows.
    3. ABC, CBS, NBC. These three are the largest broadcasters in USA. On the official sites, recently aired programs are out there. Also some rare behind scene story videos can be viewed on them.
    4. Channel Chooser. Allows users to watch live TV channels. With a good network speed, the live streaming videos will appear to you fast and clear.
    5.Hulu. A legal place to watch full episodes and talk shows. The videos on Hulu own good quality and high definition.
    6. Choose and Watch. There are more than 200 TV channels on the site, it classified channel by type such as: sports, cartoon, shows and etc.
    7. TVChannelsFree. Here gathers 3000+ channels from all around the world. You can watch excellent programs in America, European, and Asia.
    8. MyP2P. A specialized sports website, it offers a collection of live TV channels. You can follow the game schedule and catch up the exciting games.
    9. Livestation. Comprehensive news videos platform, all live videos. News channels including CNN, BBC, France 24, ITN, Russia Today and Al Jazeera.
    10. YouTube. No need to speak much, the number one video sharing website through the Internet. Almost everything can be found there.



    Nice recommendations.
    Except of watching them, is it possible to download them off for later viewing?


    Threads : 3
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    Hey, Rania. Of course you can do it, I’m glad to offer you the answer. Because most videos on these sites are encoded or streamed in live, you should have a feasible video downloading tool and a screen recorder at the same time. However, you only need to install one program now cause Video Download Capture features these two functions.

    To protected videos on Hulu, ABC, CBS and etc, you can use the Advanced Video Recorder of this program. The concrete operation is: click to open the inlaid browser, input the video URL into address bar and press Enter Key. The video will loaded in the window and downloaded by the program instantly.

    To live streams on channelchooser, myp2p and more, the video recorder function will help you. Click Record Screen to begin the job, select the Record region according to the condition. You can customize the hotkeys in Tools— Options setting. Use the hotkeys to pause and end recording at anytime.

    Experience it with yourself, hope you can enjoy!

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