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    Funny worth sharing – jibjab.com

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    I stumble upon this site:
    Finding it is indeed funny, there are many different eCards for different occassions. Halloween is coming, do you wanna send eCards to your friends or family members? Get it here.

    Funny worth sharing – jibjab.com


    Yep, I do not know what’s exactly about jibjab.com? There’s no concrete explanation of what this site does, Anyone can tell me what’s jibjab? LOL! I just saw some videos, how can i download video from jibjab to make my own videos?

    Funny worth sharing – jibjab.com

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    What is jibjab.com about? To be brief, it is a recreational site, which contains eCards, Everyday fun and Originals. As long as you become a member of JibJab, it is possible to make and share eCards with anyone else. You’ll find JibJab featured a bunch of funny videos that bring users so many laughs, especially under Originals tab. This also leads us to the second question, how can you download from jibjab?

    Actually, it’s not that tough with video grabber pro. First take a look at this demo:

    That’s it, the whole process can be summarized in just two steps drawn from the above demo video:
    1. Make sure the video recorder is enabled after running video grabber pro
    2. The video will be automatically captured once it is being played

    Notice: There’s no need to waste your time over each video downloads. You are advised to download jibjab videos in bulk. Simply select one or more videos for playing, it will be added into download list automatically.

    You might be wondering whether you can get video downloads under eCards or Originals tab. I must say no. That’s because the real video address cannot be found within the current page, so some regular apps do not work properly. But if you apply screen recorder, issues can be solved. It records any activities happened on your system including real time video steam.

    Video grabber pro comes with Screen Record function, after specifying input audio source and Record region, you can start recording right away. Stop your video recordings with customized hotkeys.

    Hope you have a good luck to download videos from jibjab.

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