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    What program/site can download videos from own3d.tv?

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    I am a fun of League of Legends, and I often watch its videos from own3d.tv. Now, I wanna download one important video on my computer for personal use. What program or site can help me to download own3d videos?



    If I were you, I would rather download videos from youtube. There are more videos about League of Legend, and a lot of ways to download youtube videos can be found on the Internet.


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    You don’t have to change the website to download your desired videos. Besides, even if you turn to use Youtube, you still need a program or a site to download videos. In order to avoid such situation, I’m gonna to present you two ways both to download videos from own3d.tv and youtube.

    Way one: free online video downloader

    If you just want to download own3d videos, nothing else, you can use an online video downloader. Video Grabber is the site you can make use of. You needn’t install any add-ons or plug-ins, all you need to do is just entering the video URL. It’s very, very easy…

    Way two: a multi-functional program

    Except from downloading videos from own3d.tv, you require a converter to convert formats so that it’s suitable for your device. On this condition, you will absolutely download a program to do this stuff.

    Streaming Video Recorder is a program that assembles download, record and convert videos all-in-one. If you use this program to download own3d videos, you just launch it before you play the video. Because the program can auto-detect the video URL and add it to the download taskbar. If you use it to convert video formats, first of all, you should input video file, then choose Profile to select your wanted format.

    Tips: If the downloaded video is ended with the filename extension of .temp, you can rename it by deleting .temp so that you can open it successfully.



    You can download streaming video recorder for own3d.tv from softnic:



    You can download clips from both YouTube and own3D.tv using Torch (a Chrome-like browser). This browser has a built-in video grabber button which works on most of the popular websites.

    I couldn’t grab live feeds, but recorded vids downloaded just fine (full quality and mp4 format).
    Give it a shot =)

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