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    What’s the best site to watch cartoons

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    Anyone can share a site where i am able to watch cartoons or anime, i am attracted to Family guy and simpson’s, well informed reply will be appreciated. :D



    lol, watchcartoononline.com is the site where I usually watch cartoons or anime. There are a great number of English dubbed episodes here including Naruto, One piece, family guy, simpson’s and countless ones. The cartoon and anime list is put in alphabetical order so that users have ready reference. Personally speaking, this site gives me great conveniences to watch anime, you do not have to look into video resources at random, really rocks. Just watch anime dub the easy way.



    Thanks for your quick reply, I got it, a full list of episodes are made available here. Luck for me, I also stumble upon naruto episode, and the quality is more than adequate. So one more question, how can I download naruto episodes or other stuff from watchcartoononline.com?


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    Chace, if you want to download naruto episodes from watchcartoononline, how about try videograbber pro. The application is very easy to use, I made a test, and it can download watchcartoononline episodes perfectly. I’m going to explain you the knacks.

    Enable video recorder of videograbber pro, then it will begin to detect video resource. Play naruto on watchcartoononline.com. You can see a pop-up window rise from the right bottom on your screen, it reminds you that the video has already been added to download list. You see, the naruto episode is downloading now. You can pause and resume downloading when necessary. Providing that you need to download several episodes, just open them together and videograbber pro will proceed batch download. In this way, you can download any videos from watchcartoononline.com.

    Probably, when you transfer downloaded videos to iPhone, iPad or other smart phones, they fail in playing those videos. Therefore, you should convert videos to right format. Don’t worry, built-in converter of videograbber pro can give you a hand.



    To me, the best ones are animefuel and toonjet.
    Free sites to watch any cartoon episodes.



    I figure out your recommended site, but finding it does not contain Naruto Shippuden video, where can i download naruto shippuden episodes?

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