• What’s the right way to download vh1 videos?


    What’s the right way to download vh1 videos?

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    Is it possible to download from vh1.com? I browsed related posts and discussions on the net and tried lots of programs, but none of them works well. I wish I could get the answer here, thanks in advance.

    What’s the right way to download vh1 videos?

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    Vh1.com is a nice site to watch music videos, TV shows and full episodes. The content is mainly about popular culture and artists’ news, these topics attract many young people’s interests. Like all the video-sharing sites, VH1 only permits people to view, make comments and share videos to public. When you want to download videos from vh1, the problem arises. As Lottie said, in many forums, people talked about this question and some knacks were provided. But after testing, no helpful solution can be found. What’s wrong indeed? It is said that the vh1 videos are encrypted and protected from downloading. Thus, common video downloader may not work you out of the delimma on this occasion. Currently, the best bet to save vh1 video is by using screen recording tool.

    You can find numerous screen recorders on the Internet, but some of them are quite complex and difficult to handle. If you are not very familiar with this kind of tool, I advise you try simple online app – videograbber.

    Instructions on how to download vh1 video free:

    1. On the videograbber.net homepage, click “Screen Recorder” tab, then press “Start Recording”.

    2. Loading the Java applet, a window will show up.

    3. Set audio input as system sound, and specify the record range.

    4. Hit “Start” button to begin vh1 video downloading and click “stop” when you want to end so as to finish the recording.

    Alternatively, you can create the schedule task to record video at specified time.

    Tips: In order to download vh1 videos perfectly, you can watch the videos in full screen and record videos with “Full Screen” mode. To switch the record mode, just make choice in the “Record” dropdown list.

    the videos proceeded in this way will be save as WMV media file type. And you will face difficulties when playing them on iPhone or other smart phones, but you can easily overcome the incompatibility by using our site’s video converter. Except of downloading and recording, video grabber also facilitates you to do conversion tasks, so you don’t need to find other programs. Import videos and choose target format as MP4, MOV, AVI or even MP3, adjust the resolution, bitrate and frame rate. Then, you will get a vh1 videos converted to proper formats for playing on potable devices.

    If you have better idea on how to carry out vh1 video download, please leave a reply.

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