• What should I do when ClipConverter not working properly?


    What should I do when ClipConverter not working properly?

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    Your forum answered the questions about keepvid and savevid not working. So I wish you can help me with the problem which I met when using clipconverter.cc. Error messages often pop up and say something like unable to reach server currently or waiting for respond. What can I do?

    What should I do when ClipConverter not working properly?

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    Welcome, Klaus. I’d like to solve your question about Clipconverter not working, hope my tips can be helpful.

    Indeed, Clipconverter is loved by a large number of users. It’s a free video downloader which provides users a quick way to download online videos. You only need to paste video link address to media URL box, then Clipconverter will convert URL to video. However, it can’t be called as a one-click downloader. Because you are required to confirm twice, even when you don’t need to convert video format. Considering in this aspect, the tool is not that convenient.

    Of course, this is not the main reason which urges users to look for Clipconverter alternative. The fatal disadvantage of Clipconverter is, the service is not stable. In Yahoo answer and other Internet communities, netizens reflect they always meet obstacles when downloading videos on Clipconverter. If you want to download a YouTube video, error reminders frequently show up and tell that the server is busy. And if you are a regular visitor, you may know that Clipconverter not working for YouTube at times. What an annoying thing! On this site FAQ region, we can see the staff answered some questions. But in my opinion, they haven’t offered the valid solutions.

    I have to say that the server of this online downloader is weak. Based on my personal experience, the conversion speed is rather slow. In this case, it’s good to try some Clipconverter similar tools. Among thousands of options, Savevid, Clipnabber, Keepvid, Video Grabber, YTbyclick have high ranks. Compared to those old brand tools, it is quite young. While, the fully featured site may leave you a deep impression.

    Video Grabber is browser-based app, so it processes fluently on all the mainstream operating systems and can be regard as Clipconverter for Mac. It enables you to free grab videos from YouTube 100% successfully. You can choose to download high definition, MP4, 3D, MOV videos to your liking. Only with one click, Internet videos will go to your local disk. Without hassle, you are supported to record live streaming videos as well. Grab online audio and search videos are other additional functions. You will know more after enjoying the short demo.

    I hope smart members could share more advisable knacks.

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