• Where can i cut mp4 video?


    Where can i cut mp4 video?

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    i download a full anime episode from crunchyroll and save it as mp4 file, i want to cut mp4 video to remove the unwanted parts. Video grabber pro claims to come with simple video editor, but i only found its audio editor under Tools tab. Is it possible to trim mp4 files directly on this app?

    Where can i cut mp4 video?

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    Yes, it’s possible to do mp4 video cut with pro version of video grabber. After downloading, right-click on your downloaded item and choose Add to convert. Your video will be imported in no time, Video Edit function can be seen here.

    Then you need select Video Edit and cut video mp4 in a few clicks:
    1. Enable Trim
    2. Set your start time and end time
    3. Hit on play section to preview your selected video parts
    4. Now click Ok to export your trimmed mp4 video file

    Now you cut mp4 video file, be at ease, the final file is saved without any quality loss. Providing that you wanna put the video into iPhone 5, PSP etc., but the file is too large, it’s not hard to do basic editing job with previous steps. Apart from video trimming, video grabber pro also combines other functions as well like video merger, cropper, subtitle, effect. It’s easy to explore all these features.

    Still a part of users prefer Windows live movie maker to split or cut files, but it just works for windows, actually, this app enables you to trim mp4 file on mac, exactly like what it does on windows. You can use it to cut avi, wmv or other video formats.

    Where can i cut mp4 video?


    Right you are, much thanks :D

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