• Which the best 4shared video downloader?


    Which the best 4shared video downloader?

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    I spent a lot of time and finally found some useful video files on 4shared successful. Unluckily, I met problems when I download from 4shared.com. Do you know any trick which helps download 4shared video? :?:

    Which the best 4shared video downloader?


    You can find a download button under the video window, just click it to process 4shared video download. Good luck, friend.

    Which the best 4shared video downloader?


    Thanks. I know there’s a download button. But it forced me to download an extra application, I’m not sure it is safe or not. My PC is quite new, and I don’t want to ruin it.

    Which the best 4shared video downloader?

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    4shared is one of the best sites which provide file hosting services. You can store all kinds of files like audio, videos, e-books, photos, documents and much more on the site. As a mature platform, it accepts any popular and less-known file formats which include MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV, JPG, DOC, PPT, RAR and etc. For different purposes, people are willing to upload files to 4shared.com. Maybe they want to save computer storage, or maybe they hope to share resources with friends, or they use it for other personal purposes. Whatever the case, 4shared brings much convenience to users.

    When you download videos from 4shared, the site will give you two options. The one is installing a download helper tool or getting the premium account. Some people worried that the 4shared tool is not clean and then give up downloading it. What about another option? You have to log in and waiting for 20 seconds before video downloads. It takes you too much time. Is it possible to save 4shared video immediately? Definitely, you can.

    Video Download Capture, a clean and powerful 4shared video downloader. With its help, you can download any video from 4shared. The downloader embeds smart sniffer, please remember to enable it. All right, the playing video will be added to download queue automatically. I found the videos have informal names, so you’d better to rename them in your way. A menu will pop up after right-clicking on the file, select the item Rename. Now it is free to name the videos.

    In the folder, you can check the downloaded videos. Depending on the original videos, the output files are in MP4, FLV or 3GP formats. FLV and 3GP videos are not compatible with some of players and devices, probably you wish to convert them to MP4. Take advantage of Video Download Capture in this case, it not only enables you to download from 4shared.com, but also comes with additional functions. Import videos to converter, set target format and start video conversion.

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